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5 Life Lessons I Learnt From Travelling On My Birthday

I had gone through the events lined up for the weekend and realized that I was going to be travelling back to Lagos, Nigeria on my birthday. "I'm going to be on the road on my birthday. Can you imagine?" I told my friends. Then they gave me the "eeyah" soundtrack (an expression that shows sympathy).

I was totally apprehensive about June 26, 2017. But when the day came, I explored it with a free spirit. I discovered life.

Life Lessons From Travelling

Travelling on June 26 has opened my eyes to some things about life - things that are common or maybe undervalued, but have great significance: Life Is Like Travelling.

I love to explore.

I explore moments in my life - everything I see, feel, think, wear and know is turned inside-out.

One moment can teach you more than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will.

I travelled in a car with four of my CASOR brothers -turned-friends; Kachi, Chimobi, Chris and Victor for another reunion at Enugu, Nigeria. Boy! Shouldn't I write a book about it already! It was one of the most exciting and memorable trips I have ever taken.

I will tell you the story in bits. However, today I choose to pen down the vital lessons I learned from being on the road . . .

1. To be more patient

The biggest lesson I learnt from the time I carried the travelbag out of my room to the time I carried it back into my room is that it’s okay to wait and have lag time, and if something happens to go wrong, to be patient when in trouble.

Amidst all factors, we arrived at our destination. Nothing can stop what has been ordained as "finished" on the cross. Nothing.

There were times when we were stopped by a Police officer, and sometimes by a Road Safety Officer. There were times when we had to slow down because of the potholes and bad roads. At some point, I was becoming annoyed when one of the officers insisted on tying us down. I knew I needed more patience. I generally need the grace to wait without being anxious; and it’s a crucial thing to have.

"Be patient. You will get there in time."

2. To think more creatively

Again, travelling isn’t full of glitz and glamour as it’s portrayed. there will always be something to overcome, forcing us to be creative.

Kachi, Chimobi, Chris, Victor and I haven't told anybody just yet that we almost had an accident. We could have lost our lives in the split of a second but Kachi, who drove was creative about controlling the steering wheel. (Not forgetting to give God the glory)

The car almost ditched into the bush. ( I took this picture when we realized it was a miracle)

To avoid certain issues in life, we need to think creatively. I remember how we looked for stones to gauge (I'm not sure that's the word) the tyres. The five of us putting our heads together to get the tyre out from under the car.

"Besides thinking creatively, you have to be fast about it."

3. To enjoy the journey

They often say it’s the journey, not the destination that makes a trip and that’s one of the greatest truths about travelling. You can make a connection with someone you’re sitting next to on a bus or while waiting to board your next flight.

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The fun I had on the road was more than the fun I had at Enugu (a destination). For real.

You can learn to find joy in the small moments in your trip even if it’s just blasting music from the stereo and singing aloud together or chewing everything chewable. Lol.

We stopped by at Benin to grab some food. (picture taken after the meal)

Oh, my. I really had so much fun. I didn't even realize the amount of fun I had until the time of writing this post.

"Enjoy every moment. You can't relive a moment. You can only make do with the memories thereafter."

4. To embrace new experiences

We’re going to be forced to come out of our shells no matter what. Learn to embrace change.

Life is like travelling. Travelling is all about change. You learn so much about yourself while on the road. It’s an introspective process that forces you to reflect on your life and who you are. When you look out from the window and tune out the rest of the world you start thinking about everything going on in your life and what you’d like to do differently when you get back home.

I saw nothing exciting in travelling on my birthday until the day came and went. It was accidental. But trust me when I say I'd love to go on a roadtrip for my next birthday. That's a miracle that the new experience brings.

As you begin to question things you’ve been so accustomed to your entire life, or the past relationships that have failed and you begin to have a new perspective on life and your standards; Suddenly everything you thought you knew slightly changes and once you arrive back home you realize you’re no longer the same person who left.

You are grown.

5. *this one is for me alone

Whose birthday is next? You should be thinking of a road trip. These lessons come naturally – you don’t have to try too hard. It’s all about losing yourself into the arms of the experience. You have to first shrug off the ‘safe’ and ‘tried and tested’ syndrome and delve into the unexplored with a free spirit.

P.S The giveaway is still on. It's not too late to catch up with those who have gone ahead. Hurry!

Thanks for reading.
Stay inspired.

What life lesson have you learnt this month, or currently learning?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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