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When There Is A Bully In Your Office

Bullying is not just about children. Adults are bullied too - in relationships/marriages, at work, and sadly, sometimes at church. We, as Christians, are called to shed the light on these dark areas.

Have you ever been ignored, left out, pushed aside, criticized, or talked down upon. . . day after day. . . after day? This repeated act is one of the worst types of bullying ever.

It's Career-Wednesday! Let's talk about office bully. 

Dealing With Office Bully

I got into a little trouble when I wrote 'Dealing With Office Gossip'. A colleague read the article and took it personally. The person said it wasn't cool to write about it. The point of argument was people who work here would start to feel like I was referring to them. And I was like "but I didn't call names or paint anybody black".

Looking back now, it drew us closer because we now understand each other better. We laughed about it especially after another colleague read it and said "if anyone has a problem with this post, the person should go and hang themselves".

Here I am thinking I could let this topic slip by to avoid unnecessary drama but my hand is itching to write it out of me. 

My sole aim is to help somebody out there. We are on a journey to live life filled with positivity, inspiration, and love. Remember?

Great. Let's talk.

Bully in the office? 


Bullying has gone from a schoolmate snatching your lunch to a colleague stealing credit for your work, ignoring you, or belittling you.

Bullying can turn a dream job into something scary. Whether it’s your colleague or a boss, dealing with intimidation at work can leave you feeling constantly on edge, fearful, and simply hopeless helpless.

OK. You are not sure whether you work with a bully? Answer these:
  • Do you always feel intimidated, scared to work closely with a particular colleague?
  • Are you being yelled at, insulted, and put down in front of other colleagues?
  • Does a colleague talk over you at meetings, criticize you, or steal credit for your work?
If your answer to one of these questions is a yes, chances are you’re one of the million employees being attacked by a bully at work.

Who is an office bully?

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. They may be physically oppressive. They may be mentally demanding. They may use verbal assaults and rants to get us to keep quiet or do their biddings.

Whatever your relationship with a bully, the result is never inspiring. We lose our will, our wishes and sometimes even our voice. We are tied up and silenced by their oppressive nature.

Enough is enough!

What is office bullying?

This is a list of instances of office bullying:
  1. Falsely accused of mistakes
  2. Being ignored
  3. Being constantly criticized
  4. Being blamed when someone else didn't perform certain duties
  5. Getting yelled at in front of other colleagues
  6. Belittling comments made about your work during meetings
  7. Being subject of gossip
  8. Someone stealing credit for your work
  9. Purposely excluded from projects or meetings
  10. Picked on for personal interest
Working in an uptight and unfriendly environment can have a toll on our health and happiness. We can't work effectively when we have these instances at our workplace.

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I'm currently being bullied. Maybe I'm exaggerating but this colleague of mine has not been responding to my "good morning" greetings lately. I'm practically being ignored. I wish I could ignore right back, but our roles make us depend on each other. :(

Let's talk more about this hot topic next week or the one after when I figure out WHY this is happening between my colleague and I.

Till then . . .

Keep this in mind: The bully isn’t the real enemy. Our enemy is the devil and he will use anyone to get our eyes off of God’s love and our minds out of God's peace. Stay guarded!

In whatever way our character is being tested at our workplace or career path, may we not fail.

“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”
Isaiah 7:9b NIV

Be honest, are you a bully?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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