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STYLE: A #NoBlackWeek I Outworn

Yes, I know this is no fashion blog. But if I can share my dream, my secret, my moment, my experience, then why can't I share my style? So today, I'm pleased to share a bit of my fashion. Whoo-hoo!

No Black this Week

I have a thing for black clothes (most especially, black dresses). Black is classy, elegant and chic. Black is comfortable. I also love its flexibility with other colours. It goes with anything. And it works everytime. I actually do love a variety of colours but there is just something about black.  For every item of clothing in my wardrobe, I have a black. I didn't realise this until many times in few months, some friends amusingly accused me of wearing black so often.

So timidly, I took up the challenge to do a #NoBlackWeek. A week in which I must not wear the shade of black in any item of clothing. Unbelievably, I survived!

I go to the office on Mondays to Fridays. Here was what the week looked like. :D


Day 1: I rocked a not-so-red shirt and a not-so-white skirt with a not-so-brown pair of shoes. It was a not-so-bad day after all. 
Colours Shades: Chinese red and copper


Day 2: I rocked a red shirt, yellow flowery pencil skirt with a red belt. Matching it up with a pair of brown shoes. 
Colour Shades: candle apple red, cadmium yellow and Bulgarian rose.


Day 3: I rocked a stylish Dutch blouse, a green pencil skirt, garnished with a non-black colourful scarf.
Colours Shades: Dark pastel green, candle apple red and Dutch white


Day 4: I rocked a butterfly-like yellow blouse with an army green belted pencil skirt. Spiced with a colourful bead around my neck. Then, I matched it up with those shoes I wore on Monday. lol.
Colours Shades: Banana yellow and  army green. 


Day 5: I rocked a cream flowery dress designed with a green band. Matched it up with a peach pair of shoes. Enriched with the colourful scarf I tied around my neck on Thursday.
Colours Shades: Cream, peach and army green

Wow, I am a champion. You may not exactly understand until you try something like it. *phew* Although the camera didn't capture my shoes for Wednesday and Thursday, but believe me, they weren't black.

It was indeed an adventure. I enjoyed every bit of it! When you try new things, you learn new skills. Learning new things creates an atmosphere of a better yesterday. Do something new today. :)

"...prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband" Rev. 21:2.

Many thanks for hanging out.

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