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And The Winner Of #AmakamediaGiveaway Is . . .

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the blogoversary giveaway and helped make it a success.  Put your hands together for yourselves. You are awesome! :)

Winner Of The #AmakamediaGiveaway

Surprisingly, not many of my sweethearts showed interest as I had expected. At first, I was disturbed. Then again, it dawned on me that a lot of you visit (read, peruse, survey etc) my blog not only to get something out of here, but also to support and show your genuine love for the blogger. Thank you.

I refuse to think it's because you are 'prouding' or because you feel the money is too small for you. Lol.

Even though my joy comes from the mere art of sharing, there is no better support needed by a blogger than the comments you leave and time devoted to share the posts to others.

Quite a number of people in “real life” have asked me how to support or help me out. Several will call me and tell me they enjoyed an article or a DIY project, and I am beyond flattered, but please show me that love in the form of commenting and sharing my heart away, okay?

And please, don't hesitate to tell a blogger when you see a typo. Ah.

Now to announcing the winner(s):

The criteria to win wasn't hard at all. All you needed to do was to leave a comment on the giveaway post and every other posts that followed thereafter til the end of the month, follow @Amakamedia on Twitter and Instagram, and finally, post about the giveaway on any of your social media platforms with the hashtag #AmakamediaGiveaway. Shikena!

Having judged those who participated based on the criteria above, I hereby  announce that we have two winners.

Grand Winner: Grace Smart

Grace wins N10,000 plus a date with the blogger. Congratulations girl! Knowing how much you showed the need for this prize, I am completely happy for you! 

First Runner Up: Johnero

Johnero wins N10,000 only. Congratulations bro! Even if you hadn't participated, I'd have personally given you something. We can see your love and support glaring on the blog. You deserve this! 

It gives me pleasure to announce that Grace and Johnero are currently the best blog sweethearts. Yes!

Kindly celebrate with them. Don't beef.

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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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