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Prophetic Words From Hallelujah Festival

The ongoing one-hour Hallelujah Challenge which has so far recorded super-duper great testimonies ends in a grand celebration as Hallelujah Festival. It was "oh my God!!!". Never been any like it. 

Hallelujah Festival

The Hallelujah Festival held at Glitz Event Centre located at Plot 2, Block 2 Okunde Blue Water Scheme, off Remi Oluwude Street, Lekki 2nd Roundabout (Marwa Bustop), Lekki, Lagos. It started at 10pm yesterday until about 2am this morning.

The testimonies pouring in are ground-breaking and earth-shaking. Olowogbogboro is doing what He knows how to do best! Doing wonders!

If you missed the #HallelujahFestival, not to worry. It was streamed live on Youtube. See video below:

I caught few prophetic words from Pastor Nathaniel (for myself, duh):

"The only thing allowed to swell in your life is your bank account!"

"A man with oil does not need to beg for promotion. Thinking of who to promote and market your business, angels are the best marketers."

"Now is the time to be proud to be a Christian. You can just stand anywhere and blast in tongues!"

"There is a fresh release of grace to live right. To walk in the spirit. You will find yourself walking in holiness easily."

"Those who left us are coming back. D' Banj is coming back. Don Jazzy is coming back . . . Hallelujah!"

"There is nothing in the world. I don't know what people are looking for there."

When you catch a prophetic quote, please share in the comment box below. Thank you oh.

P.S. I wish someone can help me tell my boss I'll be late to work today. I just want to sleep right now. *yawns*

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Stay inspired.
Love you.

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