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Which Would You Prefer - Style Or Taste?

Hi sweets. How are you doing? No matter what happens, always remember the story hasn't ended yet. With God all things are possible (Luke 1:37).

Yep. It's Style-Sunday!

Even if I decide to totally change what I blog about after overcoming my artistic identity crisis, I'd still blog about my 'What I Wore'. Lol. I am passionate about clothes because I consider it a creative tool for evangelism.

Style Vs Taste 

Sometime ago I went shopping at a thrift store, the store keeper recommended a dress to me that is not what I usually wear. So I said, "Hm . . . nice but this is not my style", then she said "ahan, you have high taste oh". There and then I started to wonder whether choosing what to buy/wear was based on style or taste.

What's taste without style, anyway?

I google-researched on the difference between style and taste because obviously I use the former more than the latter in various posts like 'Cook Your Style Sweet', 'Discover Your Style Statement', etc. It turned out you can totally admire a person’s taste in fashion without necessarily agreeing with their style preference.

Style shows personality. Taste shows social class.

Taste is your ability to recognize beauty in whatever form you find it — food, clothing, objects, ideas, art, behaviours, and so on. Style is the way you apply your taste to the creation of beauty in your work or life.

Style is the "it" factor, taste is the "wow" factor.

Lemme break it down this way to help you understand better:

For instance,

I like Ankara Fabric. You like it too. Right? I like it because it perfectly showcases and expresses my personality and love for African fashion. It's a major contributor to my outfits.

When the same Ankara fabric is used to make a bowtie or a short skirt. I'd wear it because it is expresses my style (of Africa fashion) and my taste (in bowties). However, you might not like bowties or short skirts because it's not your style, even though you like Ankara fabric.

Making sense?

Now, just because we all like Ankara fabric doesn’t mean we all like to wear it the same way (or that you wear it as much as I do).

Therefore, we can say:

We may have a different sense of style but our taste preference can be the same.

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Now, let's consider Style and Taste as two people.

Ms. Taste


Style wears the same pair of glasses for years because they suit her face. Style wears the same dress in many ways because it simply makes her comfortable and confident. Style knows that trends may come and go but knows and understands herself well enough to avoid most of them. Style is everything from relaxed and unaffected to adventurous and daring. Style doesn’t really crave for attention. Style lives by her own design and it resonates in everything she does.

Ms. Style


Taste is a good listener. Taste is careful not to question. Let’s give Taste a little credit though, she understands scale and proportion that’s good and pleasant but it doesn’t necessarily turn heads or make you think. Taste appropriately mixes high and low and gives a nod to her bank statement. Taste knows what brands are up and coming and does them a favour by being seen in them.

Be the judge: Who would you prefer to meet - Taste or Style?

Style is not necessarily loyal to any brand but if something genuinely speaks to her, she is passionate about it. In the end, that is the difference between style and taste, True Style has passion. It carries with it it’s own authentic energy.

Great style is the ability to express good taste in an authentic, personal way.

So, what would you have said to the store owner - "It's not my style" or "it's not my taste"?

Ref: Stack Exchange, Smart Creative Women blogs.

P.S We will be resuming podcasts in August. I need ideas for topics. Got something you'd like us to talk about, kindly let me know. Thanks. Love.

Happy Sunday!
Stay positive. Stay inspired. Stay sweet.

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