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What I Wore: Ankara Peplum Skirt (Collection)

Ankara is an ever versatile fabric that isn't going anywhere soon. Why wouldn't you rock it in every style? That's why I'm here to inspire you. *winks*

Skirt + Cape

Ankara is not new to us. It's one of our favourite Sunday style features.

I could wear Ankara every day of the week, if I am allowed to. A certain person has started calling me Ankara instead of Amaka, but it's all good. Both names sound pretty same to me. Lol.

For the love of Ankara, I will receive any title with pride.

Here's what-I-Wore to church some weeks back:

One thing I love about this style is the magic behind the cape - the cape magically transforms to a peplum when worn over a pencil skirt. Yeah, you guessed right! It is detachable.

I think peplums are cool on every woman - whether she is tall, short, slim or plus sized. They also help in enhancing our figures as we have stated here.

You can get the most out of your pelplum skirt by pairing it with the right top. Some tops may match so perfectly with your skirt and would look like a dress, others would do just fine.

I didn't want to spill (too early) but I'm itching to tell you that I'm currently creating an amazing collection of Ankara Styles.

You know when we mix African prints with English wears, there’s always that "wow!" effect, so get ready to be blown away with my style collection pretty soon. TBH, I really can't wait to show you all the styles I created from this 6-yard Ankara fabric.

This is a tip of the iceberg. :)

Which is your favourite?

"A time to tear apart and a time to sew together;"
~ Ecclesiastes 3:7

Be Inspired. BeYOUtiful

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