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What I Wore: Blue Bridal Dress

I didn't know what title to give to this post because I do not only want to show you what I wore to Bunmi's wedding, but also want to give you a little gist. Let's see how it goes . . .

Wedding Flow

I think I deserve an award when it comes to attending or participating in weddings. Without exaggeration, I have attended over 50 weddings and been on a bridal train for more than 20 weddings. I'm now wondering how many more I have left before I become the bride.

I love weddings. Weddings create memories.

As you get older, you will discover that it is better to spend money on experiences than material things. The memories you create for yourself are priceless because you will always have a story to tell your children.

One of the ways I love to keep memories is taking pictures of What-I-Wore.

My clothes remind of a past feeling, experience and memories - what I was looking like when I did what or when what happened.

Without talking too much, I attended Bunmi's wedding. Bunmi and I attended Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) training school together. I've known her for 6 years and still counting.

I am so proud of how she treated the train for her wedding. She chose a fabric that is very wearable after her wedding and a colour that is so beautiful on every skin . . . And I am so happy that I can confidently wear it to host a red carpet pretty soon.

I thought to show it off a little (just in case someone out there needs to be inspired for her own wedding) *winks*

Happy Married Life, dear

Clothes speak louder than words.

I have kept few bridal dresses hoping someday I will do a documentary about them. Lol. This is me dreaming.

Seriously speaking, what you wear is an evidence of your personal development. If we were to gather all of the clothes we have ever owned, we could paint a picture of ourselves and how we have become who we are today.

Whether we have eventful lives or not, our clothes have stories to tell.

We can see key moments in our lives marked by the outfits we wore for special occasions. Damage to these clothes may say even more. A rip may be a permanent reminder of an accident; a bloodstain may be evidence of a brawl, etc.

Your clothes can also tell you about your weight loss or gain, like I just realized I have lost so much weight. Where are my hips?!? :\

It's not every time that a life/style blogger features a bridal dress. I did today because I loved this one. Want to get in touch with the designer? Send me an email.

Are you a wedding person? Do you keep clothes for memories like me? 

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