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POEM: You Are Sin

Oh. how did we meet?
Did I invite you?

I can only remember
That night,
In the darkness
It was an unclear picture of you
You came in . . .

You came slowly
Creeping, crawling
I didn't notice
What exactly you were

When people saw me
Walking on the streets
With you following after me
Some wonder
Others ignore
But no one made me understand
''You are destructive!''

In trying to cover up
I stood out for you
You strived to rule and win
Then I stumbled
I fell
How long it took me to know
"You are deceptive!"

Now, I'll look at you
Straight in the eye
I'll address you for who you are!
The light's come
I see clearly now
I have come to know
"You are sin!"


* * * 
I wrote this poem about two years ago, but it makes sense now. When we identify sin and call it by its name - never covering or making excuses for it, then we can overcome it. 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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