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Note To Self: Don't Be Scared

There’s something great ahead. There’s something greater that you are meant to do and meant to be. But you are scared.

Don't Be Scared

This is to remind you that you have to push a little further and fly a little higher than you are used to – even if you are scared.

Let yourself dream and do and be bigger.

Don’t be afraid to move away from this comfort and safety. 

Don't be afraid to let them go even if they leave you. 

In the depths of your heart, you hear the higher call to purity. Do not be afraid to take up your cross! It will be rough, hard and difficult, but don't be scared.

At these moments, the pursuit of purity becomes even more urgent. And purity is not a question of how old you are; it is a matter of living in the Holy Spirit. So you have to learn to walk this journey through your communion with Him.

Now it's time to express these rays in an even more radical way: only from pure thoughts of the mind and reflections of your heart, only from God does true transformation come, the definitive way to change the world.

Don't be scared. Be bold to declare the truth that you have learned. Be bold to stand for what you believe. This is the source of freedom and light.

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Are you afraid of darkness? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving out  the light.
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