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Money is not Wealth

Oh, boy! I had a long talk with my boss this morning. You know, we normally have weekly reviews every Monday. It used to be the conventional sitting-round-the-table with your screen and all. But this one was spontaneous. We gisted. We had a talk! Choi, I wish I had recorded it. We spoke about many different things. It was very interesting. . .and revealing too!

I am so excited to share some of them with you. I just can't help it. Or can I? *giggles*

We talked about the solar system. Like Jupiter being the largest planet and the Sun rotating round the earth. And I just found out that the sun is actually a star! And that the true colour of the sun is white. Oh! My eyes have been opened to a new light. God bless my boss!

Hmmm. . . Lemme do like amebo (amebo means gossip in Nigeria. Lol.). Do you know that somewhere in Australia, some science-tech guys are building electric motor cars? They said, Oil can go to the bin! These cars will run only on super chargeable batteries.

My boss mentioned that said the economy will be declining geometrically very soon (scary topic!). I can't tell you everything right here. But seriously, we need to think fast. Apart from oil, what else can we produce in Nigeria??

We also spoke about the upcoming election, Buhari vs. Jonathan. It was at that point when my boss said the politicians only want to go there to enrich themselves. I said, "Yes, I should share this on Heart Rays."

Money is not Wealth.

Money is simply any paper that you exchange for something else. You use money to get a new pair of sneakers, a car, a house etc. What if you get them for free, of what use will money be? Nothing. Absolutely. The only power money has got is that it can be used as a medium of exchange - The power to purchase.

Now, take your mind back to about five years ago. Do you remember those expensive clothes you got back then? Where are they now? Gone. And the money, gone too.  We need money to get the things we want, but we do not get money to have the things we need. Money measures Wealth, but it is not wealth in itself.

The problem is we want more than we need. More money creates more want. If you are comfortable, healthy, have a beautiful family and can eat whenever you are hungry, then you are wealthy. Why do you want money?

When people understand that money is not wealth, the world will be a better place.

Money is only an idea.

The person who said money isn't wealth is a billionaire. And he knows what he is saying. (My boss)

So, go add value to the world, money will show up. Money comes and goes, but the value multiplies.
*coughs* Today officially gives me one-year work experience after NYSC.  You might want to know how I rocked the first six months here

God's been good. :)

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