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Lord, Give Us Some Zeroes

All the while I had thought I had two N1000 notes in my purse. I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered one of the notes was a N100. Omo see gbese!

Zero Makes A Difference

'Zero' may appear to be so "simple" that when you read the title of this post, you almost said, "What is zero? Amaka, can we talk about something more important." Yeah, I know you sounded so. Don't lie. Lol.

You know, when we look at nature we find that many things that appear to be simple are actually rich in their complexity. I like to look into these complexities. It's exciting to discover and unravel a mystery.

You might know about this already, but this is new to me;

Zero is a number.

I went to a store to get something worth N1,500 (One thousand and five hundred Naira). All the while I had thought I had N2,000 (Two thousand Naira) in my purse. You can imagine how confident I was when I went to the counter to pay for what I had picked.

I was the next person on the queue to be attended to. As I dug into my purse, I found just N1,100 (One thousand and one hundred Naira). "Huh?" I couldn't believe my eyes. "What happened? Who swapped the money in my purse?" I was shocked. I was sad. I was embarrassed.

I realized I had mistaken a hundred Naira note for a one thousand Naira note. "Jeez!" I was more broke than I thought. Smh. It was then I discovered the difference a zero can make.

"If only 0 can be added to my 100, I would be richer. Lord, I need a zero right now!" I whispered.

The notes look almost the same. It's not my fault jhorr :( 

I couldn't have known how powerful a zero can be until now.

Erm . . . Did I tell you this article was initially titled 'Inspired By Zero'? Lol. I am literally inspired by zero as I type this. *types 0000000000000000000* 

One interesting thing about zero is that it neither bears a positive nor a negative sign. You can have +5, +4, +1, -1, -4, -5 etc, but there is nothing like -0 or +0. Zero is simply zero . . . until it gets behind a positive real number. Then, it changes the value.

The greater zeroes you have, the greater amount you have. If you miss one zero, it would drastically change the amount in your purse (like in my case). Just imagine having one zero added to (or erased from) your salary!

Now take a look at this:
1 = one
10 = ten
100 = one hundred
1000 = one thousand
10000 = ten thousand
100000 = one hundred thousand
1000000 = one million
10000000 = ten million
100000000 = one hundred million
1000000000 = one billion
Can you see that? Zero is what differentiates between one and a billion!

O-M-G! I feel like I have just discovered gold. Seeing zero in this light is so wonderful. Yes, zero is indeed a great number. Zero denotes a new level. It shows a new testimony. It tells a new story. It causes increase.

Zero may appear as void or emptiness. Zero may seem like nothing at all. Zero may be like nothing is happening. It may mean total absence of all quantities and all qualities. It may also mean the totality of nothingness. No friends, no job, no money, no contracts, no show, no NOTHING.

However, when zero is placed behind another positive real number, it would mean a lot . . . like a lot!

Zero changes quantity and quality where positivism exists. Zero increase value when there is realness of identity. Zero inspires and pushes a dream further. Zero attracts wealth. Zero makes a little become greater.

Ah Lord, give us some zeroes! 

Sweetie, what is your current balance? What figures have you been getting lately? Just relax. It will change as long as you remain positive and real. Keep giving your best, doing your best and being your best. And let God do the rest (by adding zeroes). 

I'd like to imagine God asking; How many zeroes do you want?

Happy New Week!
Do have yourself a great one. 
Stay inspired. 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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