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STYLE: Black on Black + Meet My Cute Bro

Family is the most priceless possession. A blessing above every thing else. Family is always there for us regardless of what happens, and they are the most important people in our lives. Wondering why I'm talking about family? I'm being grateful. :)

WIW: Black on Black
Last Sunday was the grand finale of our family weekend. I already told you here that the weekend is set aside to appreciate and celebrate every member of the family.

The weekend reminds us of the importance of family and of counting our many blessings. So today, I am celebrating my brother. I want to tap into the power of gratitude. :)

This' a little bit of my regular Sunday's WIW post, and a bit more about my brother. However, lemme quickly show you WIW.

I wore black on black! I love wearing black (although I've been trying really hard to curtail it). Black is warm and cold. It‘s timeless and modern. It’s safe and edgy. It’s grungy and chic. It's just like "word and opposite". Lol. I automatically choose it as a safe and comfortable look on those days when I can’t find anything to wear. Especially when PHCN misbehaves.

Black looks good on anyone and will always go with any bodyshape. 
Here is a tip: When you a black-on-black outfit, texture is key. Without the juxtaposition of different textures, your outfit can look flat. The tangible differences in fabrics will make each piece stand out, and allow your personality to shine through.
So I wore a black lace shirt on a black suede skirt. The chunky necklace also added a liitle shine to my outfit while the scarf added some colours. Not bad. Huh?

I intentionally borrowed the black car to create some picture effects. So I took some shots while sitting in the car but they didn't turn out right. :(

Alrightie, enough of me. Let's go over to the main business of the day - To appreciate a member of my family. You've already met my beautiful mum here and there. It's time for you to meet my cute bro. Yipee!

Lol. You are anxious to see him. Shey? Cool down jhorr :)

That's him. Isn't he just cute? I've got the best brother ever

His name is Davidson. He doesn't have a local name. Can you imagine? Davidson (we call him "Junior" in the house btw) has especially been a big support to my blog and everything; always giving suggestions, always sharing my posts and telling those who care to hear "I work for Amakamedia's blog". So sweet. He is simply amazing!

When we were kids, we fought almost everyday. We fought about unneccesary things. I don't even want to talk about it. Lol. But as we grew older, we have become best of friends. Mum even gets jealous sometimes.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends/family that couldn't be more helpful, supportive and loving. And for having Davidson as a brother, I am totally grateful. 

Hey bro, big sis loves you. :* 

OK. That's it. I just wanted to show off my brother. Hehehehe. . . You can find him on Twitter - @dahveydson

Happy Sunday, sweethearts!
What's popping? I'm at "Fire Of Lafta With Tiblaze" right now.  See you tomorrow!

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