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What You Should Know During Hard Times

Life can be very difficult sometimes. I definitely don't pretend to know all of life's answers. But I do know that I have gone through some seasons in my life which have taught me lessons. Just like I'm also learning through this very season of my life. 

This is what to know during challenging seasons of life . . .

God Is Preparing You

We all want to know why we go through hard times. How about knowing what God intends to do through those times? 

I've had seasons when I felt like nothing was working and everything was out of place, and I've had frustrating days where I just can't seem to get anything accomplished.

Last Thursday was one of those times. I reflected through my journey -  I compared where I am to where I am going, and I just couldn't understand what God was doing! It wasn't making any sense. I was losing it. I felt joy and peace slowly evading my heart. I became too weak to pray. Loneliness almost gripped me too.

I was overwhelmed with everything at that point. I cried (like I always do). And He gave me a word. "Amaka, you are not ready for the size of what you'll carry. I am preparing you".

You probably have your own version of this story. You heard from God, but nothing happened or is happening yet. You've read your Bible and underlined the right verses, but the reality of what you're going through is killing you. You are almost doubting whether you heard God right. You've waited so long, you're beginning to wonder if God is mad at you or if you offended Him in some way. You're thinking if you just do the right things or pray the right mix of words, somehow God will notice you—because He hasn't seemed to notice you yet.


God puts these dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. 

Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns. But if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfilment of that dream.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy or without opposition. Storms will come, lions will roar, and our fears will be confronted. God allows the path to be difficult because He intends on refining us and preparing us for our place of promise. He is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would use to leverage against us.

God loves us too much to promote us before we are ready.

Ephesians 3:20 tells us that He wants to do abundantly above and beyond ALL that we could ever ask or dream, but there’s a clincher in this verse . . . it’s according to His work within us. WITHIN us. 

The extent to which He’s allowed to work in us, is the extent to which He does great things through us.

MSG version

Here is a little deviation. Meditating on this verse, I discovered something;

During hard times, the Holy Spirit searches our hearts, and reveals to us our true spiritual state. 

We may find ourselves in a valley – a valley of decision. Destinies are determined by decisions. "Valley of decision" is a period of time during which we are actively, or passively, making a decision upon which our destiny will depend.

God might be prompting you to give a "yes" or a "no" to a situation, a project or a relationship as the case may be. That can be hard. 

Many people refuse to die to themselves, to humble themselves, and to let God have His way in their lives during difficult times.

May your dream not die in the valley!

We all have weak spots and areas of inconsistency in our character. Until we see Jesus face to face, we will need His guidance and correction. He wants to take us from strength to strength; from glory to glory.

If you are going through hard times, keep it in mind that God is preparing you. You are learning and building capacity:
I like reading the story of Joseph when I feel overwhelmed. His story inspires me as a fellow dreamer. When Joseph was in prison waiting on his dreams, he learned to help others with their own dreams. 

The funny thing is, by helping other people with their dreams, he ended up reaching his own. Was it not only because he interpreted the dreams of the cupbearer and baker that he ended up in front of Pharaoh? So maybe right now, God wants to use you to help others who are struggling too.

Sweetheart, if you’re in a season of preparation like I am, don't struggle or get angry with God. Be still and know He is God. 

Humble yourself and seek to understand what the Lord is doing around you. It is even more important that you understand what God is doing in you.

God is faithful to lead you and to strengthen you as you go. Hold on; in due time you will be lifted up and honoured before the world.

I told you it is time for the "new" to spring forth. This is when to get a new perspective, a new strength and new mercies.

Please I beg you, don't confuse times of waiting as a sign of God's anger or judgement. He is not angry at you for whatever reason. You're going through a process that is preparing you for the plans He has for you. You are building capacity to carry a greater measure of His glory. 

Can you now see how God is using your present circumstances to prepare you for greater things?

P.S. I recently downloaded the Message Version Bible and I'm loving it! The version is direct, plain and easy to understand. My Bible study time just got better. I'm excited! And yes, I recommend it for you.

Have a great week.
Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay sweet.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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