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My Reply To "Why Did You Stop Heart Rays?"

Over the past week, I've had to answer questions as to what I posted the other day. *phew* I probably didn't give it the right approach. But I do hope you understand it is for a good reason.

Heart Rays Still On

"Why did you stop Heart Rays?"

Heart Rays has not stopped. Saying Heart Rays has stopped is like saying Amaka is dead. Lol. Sounds funny but that's the truth. It is deeper than we make it sound.

Read My Welcome Address again. Heart Rays is more than an article, a picture, or a podcast. It is more like an expression of the truth and love that is discovered through life's journey.

I love Merriam Webster's Dictionary so much!

An expression can be in various forms. I can choose to express the rays in a review, a picture, a poem/quote, a style, a podcast or even a tweet. It can also be on the radio (which is actually what I dream). The options of expression are limitless. It can be in any form as long as there are messages or information being passed accross.

Can I confess? I was trying hard to put Heart Rays in a box. But God had to tell me to "stop". There is more to it than I know at the moment. I am currently seeking His face to unravel this mystery. Meanwhile, I have decided to let it flow in whatever way He wants me to. It's His thing, not mine.

AMAKAMEDIA is only a channel. I am to pour out as He (my source) directs.

The point is, Heart Rays has not stopped. It is only the production of podcasts that has been stopped.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, 
to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
It is wisdom to know when a season has gone and another season has come.

Wisdom recognizes that everything in life has its own season. Maybe you are getting married or becoming a parent for the first time. Maybe you are leaving school and entering the workforce, or moving from fulltime work to retirement. As we move from season to season, our priorities change. We may need to put aside what we did in the past and funnel our energy into something new.

We cannot receive a new thing (blessing, testimony, anointing, system etc ) when our hands are tied up with the old. It is important to let go when you have a nudge in your spirit to do so. 

I hope you catch my drift?

If you catch it, fine.

As for me, I don't even catch my own drift. I dunno what God is planning to do.

However, I believe those podcasts were for a particular season. And when a season is over, it's over. You should not force something to stay when it has to go.

It will not be a bad idea to repost, replay and reshare them (I'd even love that), but I've stopped producing more for now. I believe it's time to embrace something new. 

You can find all podcasts already published here.

That reminds me, someone "stole" a concept from me. I cannot laugh. They can copy the expression but they cannot copy the joy, passion and enthusiasm. Ministry flows out of being. It is beyond doing it, it is becoming it. I've learnt never to compare my journey with another. I am my own competition - striving to be the better version of who I was yesterday.

"Yay! It's Friday! Another day to talk about love." Lol. I miss it too tho.

We shall definitely not miss it for too long. I'm very hopeful. 

Mehn, I have said so much already. In trying to make you understand, I hope I have not confused you. Lol. Sweetheart, thank you for sticking with me all the way. I love you so much. *kisses* 

Now, tell me how you would define "Heart Rays"? Have you any idea to share? 

I'd be glad to hear from you.
Happy weekend! :) 

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