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5 Beautiful Insights from My Android Phone

I've been using this Android phone for almost a year now and it's been my friend in some kinda weird way.

5 Beautiful Insights from my Android Phone

My Android phone and I have had our moments. There are times when it appears to be all I have in the world, especially when I'm on a public bus. What a nice company to have! Sometimes I'm happy with it and other times, I wish I could just smack it on the floor.

As I thought about this weird relationship I've got with my phone, I considered the issues relating to its maintenance and usage. And I found some inspirational tips for living positively.

These are 5 beautiful insights I get from my Android phone. . .

1. Install/Uninstall: I love apps. With my Android phone, I can install any app I want. Sometimes I install so many that I forget about them. I forget these apps because they are not useful to me. For instance, I can never forget Twitter app or Soundcloud app. Why? Simply because they are useful and I use them almost every day. It becomes wise to uninstall the apps that are not useful. I realized that doing so creates more space on my phone for more music, videos, and pictures. These apps can be likened to our relationships. Install good and purposeful relationships into your life and uninstall the toxic, harmful and bad ones. This will give more room for you to live positively and successfully.

2. Keep Upgrading: It is one thing to install an app, it is another thing to upgrade it. Almost every hour my phone says something like, "New Version. V5.06.01 Upgrade now". And I just have to upgrade because it means new exciting features had been added on the app. You need to regularly step up on your life. Strive to be a better version of who you were yesterday. Keep getting better. Learn new skills. Acquire knowledge. To keep upgrading is to never stop moving towards fulfilling your purpose.

3. Save Data: This is the part I don't like about my Android phone. I spend so much to get little things done. Well, I'm finding a way around it. I turn off the GPS when I don't need the internet. You should know when to switch off and what to switch off. Some things are not necessarily important (perhaps at a particular moment ). You shouldn't be available all the time. When you save your time, you save your life.

4. Charge Fully: If I want the best use of my phone, I would have to charge the battery to a 100%. Ah, I like it when the battery of my phone is fully charged. It gives me the ability to do anything I want to do with my phone at any given time. To have a life filled with positivity, inspiration and love, you will need to know how to recharge.  For me, I recharge when I'm all alone in the quiet and peaceful space of my room. When I'm done being alone, I find focus, strength and stability. I know a friend who recharges with exercising on a loud music. You need to understand what makes you recharge to a 100%. Sweetheart, how do you recharge?

5. Use Antivirus: The last time I checked, my phone was virus free. Each file and folder is protected. I also don't have to worry about my memory card because I've got an antivirus on my phone. You need to protect yourself against every form of evil. We live in a world filled with evil, darkness and negativity; and for us to stand against these things, we need to be guarded. I'll never stop to lay emphasis on the importance of guarding the heart. What's your antivirus? Mine is the Word of God - My Bible.

You see? I've not even finished writing this article before I'm being reminded by my Android phone (my friend) to upgrade an app (my life) again. The relationship I have with my phone is just so insightful. I love my phone jhorr!

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Stay inspired and positive.
Happy new week. :)

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia

Heart Rays . . .giving out  the light.
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