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RELATIONSHIP: Beware Of Those Who Come To Steal Your Sweet Heart

Hello sweets! It's Love-Wednesday. A day to talk about love and relationship issues. I once mentioned that we should stay away from negative people, but the truth is some of these negative relationships can be hard to spot sometimes.

Beware Of Heart Stealers

A heart stealer is someone who captures your heart without your permission. S/he is someone who takes God's words and ideas out of your heart when you are carried away.

You must have seen and known them, but you don't recognize them.

I'm talking about those stealthy, stalking, night-walking burglars who prey on your heart and rub you out of control. They don't come in back cloaks wearing horns, to torture and terrorize you. No, they are much more terrifying than that.

These ones are seemingly kind, apparently loving, whispering flattering words and sweet promises, which make your cheeks blush and your heart go pitter-patter. They are the real wolves in sheep's clothing.

You know them, right?

They say what we want to hear and smile with innocence that covers up their true intentions. They take advantage of our need to be loved and accepted, and manipulate us into doing what they want.

They can be colleagues who outwardly praise us, but sabotage our work to advance their own dreams. They can be fake friends who make us believe they love us, when in fact they do not care a bit about us.

They can be relatives who say they wish us well, while they judge us behind closed doors. They can be bosses who openly award us for our hard work, when their intention is to limit our career advancement. 

And mehn, the scary part is they are among those we genuinely care about. It's scary to think that some smiles are not real. It's scary to think that some of these people we respect and value are not wishing the best for us.

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Heart stealers are the devils of this modern day. The serpent in our gardens.

Do you remember how the serpent in the Garden of Eden engaged Mrs. Eve in a conversation and deceived her with lies coated in smooth words? Exactly!

Genesis 3:1-5, MSG

The serpent knew Eve so well. He rode on her weakness - her desire to be loved and valued, her desire to be respected, her desire to feel and look beautiful. He was like: "God doesn't want you to eat because if you do, you'll be just like him! Go ahead and eat, it's the juiciest fruit ever!" Instead of clinging (the word 'cling' is a word radiating in my heart at the moment. So much embedded in it. I hope to tell you about it in another fresh post) to God's warning and trusting Him, she fell for it.

It's the same way we listen to smooth-talkers in our lives who try to deceive us to ignore God's love, to forgo our dreams and to forget who we are. They are charmingly loving and friendly. They tell us what we always want to hear. They rub us off our glory and gives us pleasure of the moment.

Beware of these stealers!

We must be careful to spot these thieves who smile and whisper soothing words, hypnotising us with deceptive charm while all along exploiting, exhausting, and extinguishing our God-given vision and identity.

We can not do without relationships. We will always need people. However, it is better to be alone than to be among thieves.

They may act as advisors but never allow someone to talk you off what you believe. Never.

It is very natural for us to become caught up in what makes sense to us that we forget that often the things of God are far above our understanding. This makes it easy for the enemy to speak to us through the voice of others. People may mean well, but when they do not understand your call, dream or what God has laid in your heart, they could try to talk you out of it. 

"Guard your heart with all diligence."

Your heart is too precious to leave it in the hands of someone else. You should not trust your heart to anyone. God is the only one we can trust our heart with. Have you made Him your Heart Keeper already?

Always remember you are God's sweetheart. He has given you a unique and privileged purpose that belongs to no one else. You are creative. You are original. You are special. You are all that.

Sweets, pray. Ask God to give you the Spirit of discernment. We definitely need Him to help us identify the heart stealers in our lives.

They are stepping up on their game, you need to be way ahead of them. You get?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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