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What I Wore: Another Black Dress

Happy Sunday, sweeties! How has your weekend been? Are you sipping or swallowing? Did you go to church? Whatever you do, enjoy it. One of the things I do to enjoy my weekend is to show you 'What I Wore'. Here we go! :) 

Black Dress + Ankara Accessories

I personally don't think the difference between a gown and a dress is a big deal. Based on a little research I made, they can be used interchangeably. But 'gown' tend to be more formal than casual.

That's why most times we say "wedding gown" instead of "wedding dress". Gowns are more formal and too serious.

Don't mind me. I'm only trying to say I wore a simple black dress. :)

I'm a big fan of black clothes. (my friends know that already). You can find me wearing black here, here and there. Black is beautiful. Black is by far the best colour for clothing. Wearing black makes you appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident. Yes, I said so. You can sue me!

I didn't want to go all black. So I opted for a different colour of shoes. Wearing those nude heels was a risk. I wasn't sure it would blend. I'm trying to get comfortable in nude, because it can be out of touch if not carefully put together.

Ah, somebody help! It seems like I'm growing slimmer and fairer o. I don't want o!

My poses can be funny sometimes sha. (Hey Chincobee, don't laugh!) 


When the camera wouldn't stop loving you, you are left with no other choice than to love it right back. The relationship between my camera and I is on fleek. 

Can I brag a little? The accessories - headwrap, belt and earrings were made by me. There is a feeling you get when you put things together all by yourself. It's fulfilling. I'm proud. 

By the way, it was my dad who got me this dress (four years ago). He sure knows what his only daughter likes. Aww . . .

Did I rock it well? How would you have styled it better? Please, lemme learn from you. *winks* 

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