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Why do People have to Die?

People are dying everyday. Someone died an hour ago. And someone is just about to die! I lost some dear ones last week. I cried. I cried. And I cried.

Why do People Die?

When a loved one passes away, we feel we have lost something precious. We are left with a gaping hole in our heart, and we often wonder why they were taken away from us. We start to ask the "why" questions.

"Oh no! Why?!" "Oh death, why!?" "Oh God, why?!"

I believe that everyone has got a purpose for coming into this world (and that God didn't make us for no reason) and so, logically, there should be a reason for going out of this world too. Yes.

I'm a deep thinker. I like to analyze things. Sometimes it is a good thing and other times it becomes a bad thing. (But I hope this isn't).

As I thought deeply on those "why" questions, it presented a joyless, pointless and meaningless view about life. We struggle for wealth, fame, and all manner of things yet we leave them all behind. We meet people, fall in love with them and then they leave us all behind. So what's now the point when we lose everything at the end na?

". . .at the end. . .?" My question echoed back at me. I thought about "the end". It's true they say that anything that has a beginning, must have an end. Be it a person, an animal, or that thing you love with all your heart, that activity you like so much, it has to end at some point in time. Therefore, life is a beginning and death is an end. Hmmmm. . .

Maybe that is the reason why people die. People die after living life. People die when they have accomplished what they were put here to do. Maybe people die as a reward for a job well done. Maybe death is a sort of rest for a person who did the right things at the right time so brilliantly, that he just deserved to be "promoted" to heaven. Or maybe people die as a punishment for failing to do what they were called to do. Just maybe.

To some, death is a gift. To others, death is a punishment. Why a person dies is connected to how he lived. Hmmm. . . .

 Death in a new light.
When you lose someone you love, you can choose to think of their death as something taken away from you, or focus on the life they lived and what they meant to you as a gift. It's OK to cry, but I hope you will also see the gift of their life and appreciate it.

I have looked at death in one hand and life in the other hand. I discovered that there is no death without life and there is no life without death. Death brings new life. For one to die, he has to live. And for one to live, he has to die. When Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:31, "I die daily" I tried to figure out which is better - To live or to die?

I want my death to be a gift. Therefore, I have come to see life as an opportunity to live and to die. We have been given an opportunity to live, to serve, to love, to dream, to create, to try, to fail, to succeed, to work, to have fun, to win, to lose, to cry, to laugh and to breathe (till the end).

The people who died have put in their own share of life, and now it is time to put in ours.

Let's live today.
Do have a week full of life.
God bless you.

*talks to self* You think too much. Hian!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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