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Dear Diary, This Holiday is Making Sense

I told you I was going to have a date. Right? I did. It was so much fun. Lemme give you the gist . . .  :)

E-del Kabir Holiday (Friday)

Erm . . . I remember when I started into Primary 6, our teacher asked us to write a composition on "How I spent my holiday". It was a big task at that time. Even though we cheerfully wanted to share with our friends about what we did, where we went and how much fun we had during the holiday. Writing a composition was work.

I'm having that feeling I had in primary 6 right now. I really want to share with my sweethearts how this holiday is going for me but I don't want to write the story. LOL.

Here are the Highlights
  1. I had a beautiful date with Mr. Man
  2. I took pictures with Kate Henshaw
  3. I saw two powerful movies; 'The Transporter' and 'Iquo's Journal
  4. I ran into Dinma (a classmate)
  5. Mr. Man got me gifts

See pictures below . . .

Selfie with Mr. Man
Mr. Man made my day. I would love to go on a date with him over and over again. Lol. Manage the picture like that. Mr. Man shall remain a mystery until the set time of manifestation. For now, that's him.
Perhaps you might want to read this poem to create a picture of him in your mind again. Sorry.

OMG! You should see this movie. It is epic! It was boring at the beginning. But it turned out to be a movie I can always want to see. The story is . . . just go see it! 

Oh, I enjoyed seeing this movie directed by Blessing Effiom Egbe. It stars Kate Henshaw as an HIV carrier who finds true love against all odds. It made me laugh and cry altogether. Very emotional. 

Me with Aunty Kate
Ah, this woman is fineee. Kate Henshaw is a lively and friendly woman in real life. She is so full of energy. And very humble. I like and respect her. I'm a fan. 

When you meet Kate Henshaw in person, you will love her even more. She has a likable personality. Her smile is beautiful. And she loves to play like me! 

This is Dinma, my classmate. I had not seen her in years. So great to see her again. We screamed. We hugged. We took pictures. 

And just when I thought I've had enough fun for the day. Mr. Man gave me a package. I didn't know what it was until I got to my room - A selfie stick. Something I've had on my wishlist for quite a while. Isn't he sweet?

So that was how the date went o. Today is looking good. And I'm rocking it already! 

Your turn. How are you enjoying the holiday/weekend? What's happening?

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