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This is a very late post. No excuses. I've been reading a book, and stalking some of my favourite bloggers all day. Some days are like that. Days when you want to sit back and watch. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Alright, I couldn't let this day pass without writing something. It's Love-Wednesday!

When Relationship Status Is Unknown

My friend uploaded a picture of some guy on BBM. And said, "this naughty somebori made my day!"

The guy is TDH - tall, dark and handsome. I liked the picture I saw. Let's just say I tripped. *covers face*

"Is he your boo?" I asked my friend.

Boo is a word I never used to like. Especially after Jerry, my ex scolded me for calling him that. He believes Christians are not supposed to be called "boo" and "bae". I had agreed with him. But these days I use it without a second thought. It's amazing how you suddenly start to say and do things you never knew you could say and do when someone leaves.

Boo isn't such a bad word. Is it? Oh, I'm digressing. Back to the matter.

So when I asked my friend whether the guy was her boo. She replied,

"I don't know. Lol. He said he likes me sha" (with a blushing smiley)

"Lol. Tell me the truth jhorr. Is he the one?" (with a straight faced smiley)

"Amaka, I'm serious. I no know. He could be not sure. We just enjoy hanging out with each other."

"Hmm . . . OK. He is cute o."

About an hour later, she said,

"Thanks dear. You know me, I don't do ugly guys" (with a winking smiley)

"Lol. Oh yeah? Tell me more." (with a grinning smiley)



Too many "loling" going on there, right? My friends and I "lol" a lot. Even when we have tears in our eyes, we still type it. "lol" is so overrated. Lol.

"What's his name? How long have you been hanging out?" I was curious.

"Seun. I met him in June. He is so funny. You will like him when you meet him"

It's been six months already! And she didn't know where they were going yet? I was worried for my friend. I've been there too. I know what it means to be "hanging out" with a guy for months and not sure. Times when you're giving it a shot. Hoping it unfolds into something beautiful.

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"Girl, it's been six months. You better know what you guys are doing. This is a new year." I advised.

We talked for hours. And I could tell she really likes this guy.

Are you dating someone but, you are not sure where you guys are going?

I found this pic on Twitter. And I liked it. Lol.

We may meet, date and break-up with many people over our lifetime. Some may seem so perfect and fun at first, then we let them go when we know it's not what we want. Others may require us to work a little harder to get to know if this is really what we want.

The ones that require us to stay longer are the ones we really really like.

Ask questions. Do a research. Pray.

When we have begun to feel strongly about the person we are dating, asking if s/he shares our feelings can be a frightening moment of truth.

Having a discussion like "where are we going?" can seem risky because we don’t want to appear pushy and scare them off.

Sweetie, you need to look out for the signs before you shook your heart inside you fall in love. I've been saying this for a while now. Know what you're getting into.

There are signs when a relationship is going nowhere. Plenty of signs. Your path will likely be marked by little red flags, but choosing whether or not to pay attention to them is up to you.

I'm not here to show you the signs . You will see them if you open your eyes. And yes, you can be a sweetheart to share some of these signs in the comment box below.

Are we single, dating, courting or married? We need the exact words to describe it. Knowing and bringing our relationship status to light is like guarding our hearts with all diligence.

Do you see the signs? What is your relationship status?

P.S I accidentally deleted this post from Blogger a week after publishing it. I had to retrieve it from Google cache (it was not an easy process mehn. I wanted to cry!). That explains why the format looks so uncordinated. And all your beautiful comments disappeared too! :( 

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