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It's a new year. May we not experience heartbreak in Jesus name. Amen.

You are definitely going to get yourself a new "catch". So what shouldn't you do in order not to get it all twisted? That's why I'm here. ;)

When You Meet Someone New

It's OK to get excited when you meet someone new. But it is very important to be realistic and practical.

Many dates I've had in the past had been so somehow. I feel exhausted just thinking about it. I wish I knew some of these back then . . .

  1. First of all, stop looking for relationship tips on relationship blogs (including Heart Rays). Sit back, relax and watch how it flows between both of you. Don't be tensed jhorr. Be yourself. Let the relationship decide for itself whether it has come to stay or not.
  2. Don’t even start playing hard to get again when you've already said "YES". Let go and enjoy the flow. Laugh all you want, call when you feel like it, and fart if you want. Lol. When you are asked out on a date, go if you have the time. Feel free to tell your likes and dislikes, have fun, and enjoy it while you have it.
  3. Don’t appear desperate. You just met. Abi? So let the person decide if you are what they want or not. It's good they did that on time, it will save you the hassles of hanging on for unnecessary long period of time. (Just recently, I've started giving them 2 months to decide or I'm out).
  4. Don’t compromise or become overtly agreeable to things you don’t like because you want to keep the person at this early days of a relationship. See, you might end up having to always deal with those issues. To be on a safe side; when you don't like something, say it. When you like something, say it too.
  5. Don’t bring your baggage along yet. Don't go talking about how badly you been dealt with before. (All those heartbreaks. Choi!)  Please, leave the old stories out for now until the fate of the relationship has been determined.
  6. Don’t play dumb. Find out if this person has an existing partner. Snoop if you have to, and remember anyone who cheats on their partner to be with you will definitely cheat on you to be with another. In fact, they may want you just for distraction.
  7. I say again, don’t play dumb. You think I'm joking? I'm serious here o. *rme* Do a research on this person. Call at all possible odd times. Don’t accept the "Baby, I'm always busy by this time". Don’t fall for it! Except you want to be a side chick. (As for me, I've grown passed that). 
  8. Don’t ignore your intuition here. Don’t ignore warnings from friends too. If 65 people out of a100 is of the opinion that this person isn't right for you, pleeeeease be on your guard!
  9. (I have reserved #9 for the best comment we shall be featuring for this post. So it's left to you guys to fill up this space.) 
  10. Finally, be very sure about what stage you are in already. Did you say "yes" to go on dates or to have a relationship with this person. Dating is not a relationship. Don't get it twisted.

There is really no point hanging around someone who only wants to play with your emotions while the search for the real one is on or while they are not ready for the real thing (marriage), you can save yourself the eventual pain (or heartbreak) and let them go. Isn’t it better to be single for your better half to see and meet with you than to have this human being occupy your space and waste your time? Just saying.

The truth is when someone is right/wrong, you will definitely know somehow. It's that simple. In our heart of hearts, we probably know when it is wrong or right. We just might not be ready to accept it . . . yet.

Remember what I said the other day, do not deceive yourself. This is a project - a Heart Guarding Project. So don't go assuming things and jumping into conclusion. Gather all the information you need.

Congratulations if you already have a new "catch". AMAKAMEDIA preaches love and can't help being happy for those who have found true love and those who are genuinely in love. I just want you to be careful. OK? 

Cheers to a glorious manifestation in your relationship!

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