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Exposing Words Pronounced Wrongly

I so love the English language. I'd like to be an English in my next life. Lol. Do you love the English language too? I've got an idea you might like. 

'Words With Amaka' Promo

The English language has been one of my favourite subjects from time past. I've always been fascinated at the beauty of words. You should see my dictionary, it's all over the place. I read the English dictionary like a textbook.

So I was playing with my Cambridge Pronouncing English Dictionary when I found some words I'd been pronouncing wrongly all my life. You just might have too.

I'm hoping to start a new bi-weekly series tagged "Words With Amaka" which will be featuring one or more frequently used English words.

I'm not a professor in English. I've neither been to England nor attended a British school. I'm currently on a self-training course on how to speak correctly. I'm not necessarily trying to adopt a foreign accent but learning to rightly pronounce as many words as I can. I'm very particular about the pronunciation of words (as recommended by BBC) because I do voice-overs.

I thought you might like to go on this adventure with me. I don't know so much, but I'd love to share the little I know. :)

Are you interested? 

Here is a promo. . .

Word of the day: algebra

Meaning: A branch of mathematics that uses numbers and letters that represent numbers

Pronunciation: (Not so phonetically written but as exactly pronounced like a Nigerian)

I had always pronounced the "al" as "ol". But discovered the right pronunciation is "al"  

Wrong = \ˈol-ji-bra\
Right = \ˈal-ji-brə\

Listen below:

If you like this idea, please don't hesitate to tell me in the comment section.

P.S. My fellow bloggers, I'll be away (you know what I mean). I'm at The Redemption Camp. There's a scheduled post for tomorrow sha

Stay positive.

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