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It's Not JE-NU-A-RY

Yay! It's the first WWA post of the year. I'd been contemplating whether or not to continue this year. I'm glad I finally decided to have it again. :)

Let's refresh our memory. 'Words With Amaka' is me (as a voice-over artist) playing with my Cambridge Pronouncing English Dictionary to discover words I'd been pronouncing wrongly all my life, and sharing them with you bi-weekly. We started with session 1 last year. Each session has 12 lessons.

So you are officially welcome to session 2 of 'Words With Amaka'. :) 

Lesson 1
Word of the Day: January

Meaning: the first month of the year

PronunciationI had always pronounced the 'a' after the 'J' as 'e' in egg. But discovered it should be pronounced as 'a' in cat.

Wrong = \ˈdʒenuari\
Right = \ˈdʒænjuəri \

Listen below:

Sentence used: This is the month of January

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