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STYLE: I Wore Ankara Shoes

Yipee! It is the first Sunday of the Month! Thanksgiving is all we have to do today. Let's count our blessings and name them. God has been good. For real.

As for me, I'm grateful to God for the joy in my heart. The world can't buy it. The world can't take it away. 

WIW: Ankara Shoes Made by Me

I know. I know I said I was going to wear green all through October. Yeah, I actually wore green to church today. But the pictures I took after service are not ready yet. Hopefully, I will show you the greeny outfit next week.

This happened to be WIW to church last Sunday. So here we go!

Brown isn't something I like to wear often. I kinda think wearing a brown shirt/dress when you have a brown skin is not so cool. You think so too. Shebi?

When I received this brownish Ankara material as a gift, I decided I wasn't going to make a dress or a blouse out of it. Trust me, I will not wear it even if the style is gorgeous. I thought a skirt will be fine, but then again I wasn't sure.

The naughty me would have turned it into to a sleeping wrapper. Lol. But the nice me saw it as a beautiful material that shouldn't be wasted or used shabbily.

So after much deliberation between the naughty me and the nice me, we finally reached a consensus.

"Let's make Ankara shoes." And so we did.

See pictures of What I Wore to church below . .  .

Guess where I took these pictures? At the front staircase leading to the pastors' office. I was caught in the act. Lol. 

Aww.  . . I look so African. What am I even saying? I'm an African jhorr :) 

To be African is to take pride in your own natural self. It is to believe in who you really are. Yes, I am proudly African. :)

"I am not an African by accident. It is destiny." ~ Amakamedia

blowing you kisses from Africa. :x

You like?
Happy Sunday!

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