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You Are Not Yet Ready

God's ways are infinitely higher than ours. We can't beat God. Ever.

Still on the PYH Series . . . Joshua 5.

Prepare To Enter

At this point, it was time to attack the enemy. The Israelites felt ready.

They were so filled with excitement and motivation. What do you expect from people who have just miraculously crossed the River Jordan? They believe they could do anything now.

They apparently knew that the enemy were already scared of them (5:1).

Many of them were already thinking:
"Ah, this is the best time to strike.
Let's not waste anymore time.
Let's go and take over the land!"

Yes, the land was theirs for the taking. But in God's plan, there are spiritual values, priorities and principles that are far more important to our victory than our ability and knowledge.

God was like:
"Calm down. This is not your battle.
It is mine. I am in charge here.
So, I say you are not ready!"

Before Israel was ready to face the enemy, they needed some sort of similar experience like The 'Prepare Your Heart' series.

You can't just go and fight without being armed.

God took them through several events to instruct them and prepare them for battle.

There are times when we feel delayed, and perhaps, denied of our blessings not knowing that God is getting us ready for the next big thing.

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Entering our promised lands is a tremendous blessing. But first we must be worthy. We should not be rushed. We cannot cut corners of preparation and risk the breaking of covenants we were not prepared to make. That would be worse than not making them at all.

We cannot enter our beautiful place without a thoughtful remembrance the significant sacrifices that made our opportunity possible.

Are you like: "God promised to give me that. Why haven't I got it?! Why?!"

Be patient. Keep hope alive. You are being prepared.

You may be going through a Heart Surgery - a period of cleansing and washing away of old habits and mindset. When God is through with you, you will take over that which is already yours. 

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Have a splendid week. 

What are you being personally and professionally prepared for - got any clue?

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