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The Land Is Yours For The Taking

There are some lessons you learn in life that cannot be taught in schools, like lessons on character development. 

Character is never built in a classroom. Character is built in the circumstances of life. 

Introducing 'Prepare Your Heart' Series (PYH Series)

When I blog,  I do not blog as one who knows it all but as one who has got a little experience and learnt a few things.

As a dreamer, I have always related to Joseph and Daniel. I keep studying them over and over again like they are the only ones in the Bible. Lol. I admire the resoluteness of those guys!

Their journey of being nothing (from prison and furnace respectively) to becoming great (to the palace) inspires me awhole lot.

However, this season, I am drawn to the character of Joshua.

You know the best things are the the things the Spirit wants you to receive right NOW. 

So, for weeks, I have been studying the Book of Joshua on my own, making notes and praying to live by the principles I've been privileged to discover.

The book of Joshua is intriguing, I must say.

I am loving the knowledge of knowing how God can use a man to lead His people into taking over their promised land. I am loving how a man can walk with God and work with people without being distracted. I am loving the journey to Canaan.

I felt led to share some salient keys with you, my sweethearts. It's cool for us to share and grow in the word together. Right? :)

This inspirational series is a Bible Study on the Book of Joshua, but I don't want it to sound like it. Lol. So we'll call it PYH Series.

Every Monday from now on (starting in February), we shall discuss a chapter from the book to help us kick start our week. Please study ahead of time if you can.

We all need inspiration. And the best tool for inspiration is the Bible.

There are 24 chapters in the book of Joshua. That means this series would likely last till July. May God help us stay faithful to studying and living out His Word.

There is nothing compared to studying the Bible and understanding how it can be applied to our lives. So, we are going to literally fashion our life with the word of God. Excited? I am. 

That means the objective of PYH Series is to change and improve our character, not merely to provide information and share rhema.

Remember I revealed the theme for this year - PREPARE YOUR HEART

“Prepare Your Heart” means that we are asking God to pinpoint everything in us that is apart from Him and to deal with everything in us that is independent of our full surrender to Him as the Lord (director, creator and designer) of our life.

God is more interested in our character than He is in blessing us. He is more interested in making us become like Him than in making us become celebrities.

  • Some of us need to come before the Lord and remove anything from our lives that does not belong there.
  • Some of us need to rely upon Him and Him alone.
  • Some of us need to release our past and refuse to be hindered by what used to be.
  • Some of us need to remember the faithfulness of the Lord to us and our own promises to be faithful to Him.
  • Some of us need to come to God, by faith, so that we can be saved from our sins.
  • Some of us need godly keys to live the life we dream.

Are you ready to take the steps that will allow you to enter and take over your promised land?

See you next Monday!
Have a great week.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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