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Have I Not Commanded You?

It's Monday! The PYH Series kicks off today. Yay!

Erm, this study might be rough and almost without a focus at the beginning. But I believe as we dive deeper into the chapters of the book, everything will start to make sense. Because if you ask me right now, I don't even know where this is leading us.

Anyways, start we shall!

Be Strong And Courageous

Looking through my notes, I discovered that a blog post might not be enough to share a whole chapter. So, we may have to break certain chapters into section (a), (b), (c), etc. God help us oh. Amen.

The truth is while I was doing a personal study on the book of Joshua, I was only jotting down the words that shined brightly into my heart. If I had known I'd be sharing them on Heart Rays, I would have written out more detailed paragraphs in the process.

I am now doing another study to make my notes blog-worthy. How interesting to discover treasures I never even noticed before. The Bible is too sweet!

Joshua 1

Moses is dead! And God is now telling Joshua to rise up and take his place!

"Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel." 
~ Joshua 1:2

Joshua was to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. Good thing. Great vision. Big dream. 

But who was he to lead? The Israelites! Those stubborn Israelites who not only went against Moses but against God Himself! When they even had all sorts of miracles, it didn’t make them a strong cohesive group of people devoted to God. Big task. Scary path.

I bet Joshua was afraid at the time. It was the beginning of his career. He was to wear Moses big shoes.

God’s promises are always like that. They make us feel all excited and lovely, yet they make us scared. 

Who wouldn't be afraid at the start of a new ministry, or project? Who wouldn't be afraid at the resumption of a new role, leadership position or office? (At least I know how anxious I was at the resumption of a new job 😷)

What struck me most in this chapter is the repetition on these words - BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS.

They are repeated three times in three different verses! (Verse 6, 7 and 9).

Joshua had to keep hearing the Word to calm his fears.

I am not sure I want to post a whole chapter here, but you can read on Bible Gateway.

When we are on the way to taking over our promised lands, we have reason to be strong and very bold. 

I want to believe these words were repeated 3 times for 3 seasons:
  1. the beginning (planning and setting goals)
  2. the battle (struggles and constraints), and 
  3. the end (victory and result)

As you embark on the journey, you have to be strong and courageous.
As you struggle on the journey, you have to be strong and courageous.
As you approach the end of the journey, you have to be strong and courageous.

When God calls us, He is calling us to something big, He is not calling us to something easy.

It may be tough.

It may be challenging.

It may be lonely.

It may be exhausting.

But God will be with you.

Most creatives (whether it be graphic designers, artists, writers, musicians, craftsman or artisans) are afraid to do the work. Afraid to start. Afraid of criticism, afraid of producing bad art, afraid of the voices in the head, afraid of revealing their heart, afraid of embracing change, afraid of what their parents will say, afraid of being successful, afraid of being a failure, etc., etc., and etc.

What have you been called to do? What's that dream burning in your heart?  Be strong and courageous.

We’re told to be strong wherever we’re going and whatever we’ve been directed to do because we will NEVER BE ALONE.

When it seems like I can't continue on the journey, I keep repeating it in my head, my heart hears my Creator, my Director, my God speaking directly to me:

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." 

~ Joshua 1:9

God isn't looking for Superman or Wonder Woman. God is looking for and wants to use ordinary people, people like Joshua, people like you, people like me.

So, sweeties, be strong and courageous. God has your back! He is with you wherever you go. Have a great week!

P. S The PYH Series is to study the Book of Joshua every Monday to help us become better, prepare our heart and take over our promised land in 2017. Don’t forget to share your perspective on Joshua 1 with us too.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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