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Sorry, The Perfect Job Does Not Exist

It's Career-Wednesday! Let's be real with what we face at work. Every rose has its thorn and every job has some associated tasks that you’ll perform with gritted teeth. Even in a dream job, there is some form of frustration. Phew.

There Is No Perfect Job

Things change. Our life circumstances change and as we change in response to them, our needs, priorities and perspective shifts accordingly. A job that appeals to you at 13 may likely not be a good fit for you at 23.

Just as I’ve opined before, as humans, we are always evolving, and our career path is ever changing.

Thanks to growth - whether it comes painfully or pleasurably - we are becoming wiser, more sophisticated and smart. Oh, yeah.

Back in the days, when we fantasized about work. All we wanted to be were doctors, lawyers, bankers and engineers. But look at us now, some of us are writers, fashion designers, artists and even shoe makers. (Mehn, that's an interesting topic for another blessed day).

The old myth of a perfect job has been creatively restructured.

We now know all jobs have flaws.

You could be thinking you have the perfect job now but then things change. You get a new boss, your workload increases or you’re moved to the small office in the corner. Whichever it is, your attitude towards your job is bound to change, and you may start looking for another perfect job again . . . The cycle continues.

And do you know the funny thing? While some people are fantasizing about leaving their high-status, high-paying jobs in certain industries, others are itching and fighting to get in.


Your expectations are not met.

You want a job that gives you a sense of purpose.
You want a job in an organization that aligns with your career values.
You want a job that provides opportunities for learning and growth.
You want a job that is closer to where you live.
You want a job that fills your pockets with money and your heart with joy.
You want a job that is not stressful, but requires creativity and commitment

You dream.
But reality doesn't always match our fantasies.

A job that can solve all these problems at one stroke has its own inherent problems.

You get a boss who never appreciate your work.
You get a boss who constantly gets on your nerves.
You find yourself in a bad working environment.
Your colleagues are unfriendly and spreading lies about you.
You spend more than a quater of your savings on transport.
You are given tasks beyond your job description. You are working after closing hours.
Your salary is delayed.
You are always tired.

Oops. Sorry.

With these variables laid out flat before us, I can confidently tell you, there is no perfect job out there. If you are bent on getting one, you will be disappointed at the end of the day.

You might want to work in the media industry, like me, or an international NGO. While this is a great opportunity and a dream come true, it will never be the perfect job you want.

The earlier you know there are no perfect jobs out there, the better for you. Not only am I profoundly grateful I have my dream job, I have come to recognize that no job involves doing only the part that drew us to it in the first place. Any and all dream jobs we could imagine will always have some parts to them which we almost certainly won't enjoy, but supports the exciting, central part.

It's your choice to make a (dream) job the perfect one for you.

There are always downsides in every job. And these downsides are almost never mentioned during the interviews/auditions.

For instance, during my interview, I wasn't told that once in a while I'd have to use my personal phone to call clients when the office phone isn't working/available. *rme* 

I am now thinking the real reason there is no perfect job is because we are constantly changing. Our perspective will always change.

Therefore, sweeties, if a job seems too good to be true, it probably is. Go ahead and apply anyway, but do so with your eyes wide open and with peace in your heart.

Trust me when I say it is great to be enthusiastic about a new career opportunity! (Besides, why pursue a job that doesn’t get you excited in the first place?). However, let wisdom be greater than your enthusiasm.

Find out what the job feels like on the inside.

Having a job that inspires – maybe a little – is learning how to match your dream with your reality. And that's perfection!

We, being real, can’t have everything we want on the job. But we'd never stop dreaming, right? So, what's your ideal job? Share your career fantasies. 😀

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