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5 Pathetic Things People Who Have Jobs Won't Tell You

When I got this job, I told you, my sweethearts that we are going to be on the ride together. Yeah? I made a promise to tell you everything I discover along the way. That's one of the reasons we have Career-Wednesday

Got some secrets to share with you today. :)

What's Like To Have A Job In Real Life

No opening paragraph, please. Let's go straight to the real deal. 

1. Sometimes It Feels Like A Waste Of Time

Awesome! I’ve got myself a full time job. A dream job, perhaps. I’m so excited, I think we should all go out and celebrate. Oh yeah, that sounds like a good thing initially, until you break it down and it dawns on you what this actually means. You’re in the real world trading a whole sum of 45 hours a week in exchange for money. That is the deal you have with your employer. If you’re lucky you may even get a decent amount of money as part of this deal, but the chances are you aren’t getting enough to truly compensate you for giving up that much of your life on a weekly basis.

Secret: Determine the number of months or years you've got to sell to your employer and start counting down from day one. You are not going to be there forever. So learn all you can, meet all the people you can and improve in as many arears as you can. When it's time to move on. Walk away with grace and poise! 

The truth is that job you totally love is bound to get boring, really boring. If not boring, then it will be super stressful. So, you have to CONSCIOUSLY seek out the excitement and thrill of the job day in day out.

Secret: Don’t get stuck in it, catch yourself even before falling into the trap of just going through the motions of doing the same thing over and over and over again.

3. To Stay Sane You Have To Operate Within The Sphere Of Your Strengths

We all want a job that can help us grow both as a professional and as an individual. And that’s great. It helps to capitalize on our strengths and on who we are.

But if your job is one that only highlights all that you are not, no matter how prestigious or financially rewarding it may seem, you will go crazy. It will consume you, drain you and likely leave you empty. It will cause you to be perpetually insecure and forever remain in the darkness, blinded by your weaknesses.

Secret: You have to make sure that for the most part, you spend more time doing the work that allows you to effectively UTILIZE your skill set, and cause you to operate within your strengths. Doing this will ensure you keep sight of who you are, of your true potential, of your dream and of the kind of awesome material you’re actually made of.

4. You Wonder If You Are Really Where You Want To Be Just Yet

Your job might be great, but you will catch yourself thinking whether you are in the right place once in a while. It's OK. This happens to me when I make silly mistakes at work. Sometimes I'm like "Is this really my dream job?"

Secret: Keep telling yourself this is not the final bus stop. It is only a junction. 

One of my mentors once told me, “Making the decision to move from one career to another doesn’t necessarily make you an uncommitted person.” If you find yourself wanting to venture into another career - whether or not you’ve spent a couple of years in your current one, go ahead.

In the real world, it’s normal to not get it right the first time, or have it all figured out all at once. BUT, don’t use this as an excuse to haphazardly make decisions in your life. Just be aware that it’s not always about tailor-fitting yourself to suit the career you’ve already wanted, but about following your Heart Rays - a calling that calls out to you just as you are.

If you’re not where you want to be just yet, keep going and going and going, until you finally get there.

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5. You Have More Bills To Pay After You Pay Them

Now here is the most pathetic thing: All your problems would not be solved when you eventually get the job you want. In fact, it increases.

There is no secret way out of this one. And it is not even funny.


Let's discuss: Do you ever wonder what your career will be like ten tears from now? What job do you think is worth doing for the rest of your life? 

That's Deep. Not even sure I can answer that. Lol.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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