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How To Go To Work Every Morning Feeling Refreshed

Nothing drains the energy more than waking up to do the job you do not like. But you know, there is always a way around everything.

Let's talk about getting our lazy selves up in the mornings. Shall we?

Start Refreshed Everyday 

The very day I got inspired to write this article, I had a rough start with a BRT bus ticketer that morning. First, I was mad that he showed up long after the bus had arrived. Second, the ticketer refused to sell me a ticket because he didn't have change. Third, the guy who chose to sit beside me wouldn't stop complaining and grumbling about their poor service and management and how bad the country is. 

I got to the office already exhausted. I was drained and cranky even before sitting at my desk.

What did I do to get my groove back?

Check Out For Inspirational Quotes

Words are powerful. I am moved by words. Just one verse from the Bible can get me all giggled up.

I read quotes that have not only inspired me but have also given me newer perspectives to handle issues. And you know how much I love to share as much as I can with you. Yeah? See QUOTES.

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Listen To Inspirational Songs

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing that can lift that shadow weighing on your spirit and mind - until you hear that perfect song. Whether it's the lyrics, or tune, or combination of both, the restorative benefits of music is astonishing.

On that particular day, I had 'Brighter Day' by Kirk Franklyn on repeat. Like magic, my mood lifted and my heart relieved.

It's been proven that music is the one stimulus that lights up the entire brain on a PET scan. Music helps the brain release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate the brain’s pleasure and reward centres, as well as emotional responses and motivation. Play some music and get to work!

Pray Through Into Refreshment

Prayer is simply talking to God, and you can do it in different ways. Ask God to fill you up with joy, peace and faith. I find speaking in tongues to be the most powerful refreshment ever. After spending a few minutes tonguing away, I don't only feel more relaxed, but also feel like I can do anything!

When you are down, without spiritual and physical energy and when you are heavy with problems, speaking in tongues bring rest and refreshment. No wonder it's called a gift. Have you got it? Use it!

Write It All Out

See why we've got a post for today? I wrote it all out.

Writing is a refreshing activity.

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If writing is not your thing, then . . .

Talk To Someone

Engage in some light chit-chat with a family member or a friend on the phone, or a colleague in the next cubicle/office. Even though you might not feel like it, taking the initiative to engage in a conversation really helps to get your mind and body out of the “I am tired” state and the ”I don't feel good” mood.

Get Excited About Something

If you do not enjoy your job because you work with a boss that drives you crazy, you are likely not going to really enjoy your day. However, if you have something you enjoy waiting on you, you will be more likely to be happy and feeling refreshed knowing you have a bit of joy coming your way!

Say it . . . Sing it . . . Scream it . . . It's going to be a BRIGHTER DAY!

How do you recover your lost energy? Got more tips on how to start your day feeling retreshed? I'd love to hear!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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