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The Lazy Way To Make Your Bow Tie Without A Sewing Machine

Happy Style Sunday! Today's post is for those who kept asking how I made the bows I added on these Ankara shoes and for those who want to add a pop of energy and colour to their style and want it real QUICK!

How To Make Bow Ties

Imagine that awesome feeling you get when someone compliments your handmade bow tie. The feeling is out of this world!

Bow ties are not hard to make at all. There are a thousand and one ways to make a bow tie. I have two easy ways in mind to show you. But, let's get to this one first.

What You Need:

  • Fabric
  • Measuring tape (ruler is also fine)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Iron
  • Your hand, duh.

Get down to business!

I am so lazy to write many words. Allow the pictures to do the talking. Besides, this tutorial is for lazy people. 😉

That's Step 1: Cut out your preferred fabric (Approximately 10 by 6). Fold the four edges  of your fabric and iron as you go to put it in place.

That's Step 2: Fold your fabric into two and bind both sides together using an iron.

That's Step 3: Once you’re done ironing your fabric in place, use your fingers to pinch the middle of your fabric. This will form the bow shape!

That's Step 4: Use a needle and thread to secure your pinch in place.

That's Step 5: Sew on a small piece of fabric to form the core of your bow. Congrats, you have a bow!

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If you want to attach your bow to a dress, a pair of shoes, or on your hair: stop at step 5.

Considering what you hope to do with your bow, you might just need to add a safety pin or some fabric glue behind it. However, if what you want is a bow tie. Continue with step 6. 

That's Step 6: Cut out a long stripe, long enough to make a knot when you tie it around your neck. Then insert the stripe in the core of your bow.

Viola! Your bow tie is ready!

There are endless options when it comes to accessorizing with bows. I hope this post, that post, this post and that post can give you ideas.

I always prefer Ankara fabric, but you can use anything you fancy.

Alrightie. Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to make a bow tie, go ahead to create a whole wardrobe of bow ties in a rainbow of colours and prints! 👊

Stay inspired. Stay beautiful. Stay sweet.

Was this post helpful? What else would you like to learn and do for yourself?

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