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Something Galvanizing Happened On Twitter Yesterday

Just because I love Twitter and today is Friday!


Once upon a time, there was a guy named Deji and a lady named Ore.

Deji took Ore out on a date.

They saw a movie.

They ate hot dog.

They drank yoghurt.

And they drank water.

Then Deji asked Ore to be his girlfriend but Ore said NO.

So they parted ways.

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I'm guessing the devil whispered to Deji on his way home. The devil, as usual, started calling him a failure alongside many other negative thoughts. Even until midnight . . . 

Next thing, Deji went on Twitter to pour out his rage.

Ore was observing . . .

Deji continued. He ranted and called her names.

Ore couldn't take it anymore. She went into a quick research to get more facts about Deji.

She stumbled on a tweet where Deji had posted his account number to beg - for school fees, maybe.

Next thing, Ore calculated all they spent on their date and transferred the money back to him.

He spent N3,800. She sent N5000 and told him to "keep the change".

It went viral. Everyone was tweeting about it. Amakamedia joined the conversation too. And today, she's blogging about it. Lol. 

Ore appeared to be independent, respectful and cool-headed. Everybody was tripping. Brands couldn't ignore her.

Then amazing things started to happen in Ore's life.

First Bank returned the money into her account and made her a gem, whatever that means. She could be an ambassador. 

Nail Boutique offered her an exotic pedicure session. 

And many other brands joined the conversation too. It's been one thing after another.

I'm like "wow!"

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