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Would You Rather Win The Battle Or Win The War?

Here is a quick post. I am literally writing on the road. My discussions and chats lately have been about winning and losing (football, actually). When I read it again on 'Open Heavens' devotional this morning, I knew it was no coincidence.

Lose The Battle To Win The War 

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It would be nice to win all the battles and the war but sometimes that just isn’t the way to victory.

When it comes down to the real deal we need to focus on winning the war. However, that might mean losing a few battles along the way.

We must look at the bigger picture.

Life like football, is made up of many matches. Every match we play is a mini battle. Then we’ve also got games, events, tournaments, seasons. Our entire life can be as a sport career if you think about it. I plan to write a full fleshed article on the title 'Life Is Like A Sport'. It's a new perspective my heart is brewing on.

Go out attacking. Play your best shots. Play how you SEE yourself playing at your best – and maybe even fall a little (if you have a weak attack, defend yourself.) Be positive and your game will flow, if not, it’s far easier to change the game and keep it tight, the war is not over yet.

My devotional guide, 'Open Heavens' by Daddy E. A. Adeboye puts it beautifully this way:

"According to His divine wisdom, when it pleases the Lord, He can choose to lose a battle in order to win a war. He can give up a battle, but He has never lost a war. We need to tap into this divine wisdom and apply its principle in our lives. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture. You will gain more from winning a war than from winning a battle. You will also lose more when you lose a war than when you lose a battle. Some people are not ready to lose any battle, and as a result, they lose the war that is more crucial."

It inspired my prayer for today:

Lord, help me to give up on the battle that will win me the most crucial wars. Teach me to let go of the blessings that I may receive my inheritance. Give me the grace to delay gratification when needed. Help me to focus on the bigger picture. Amen. 

Deep. Yeah? I want to win the war! I want to fulfil my dreams! I want to win the prize!

So, sweeties, would you rather win the battle over the war?

Let's not get overwhelmed if we lose another battle. Learn from the battle and take that new-found knowledge into the next battle. Never consider the possibility of defeat and you will join the glorious ranks of those who have gone before you – those who won the war.

Have a great weekend!
Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay strong.

Are you a fan of sports? What's your favourite game to play, and why?

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