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BOOK: Kissing The Face Of God By Sam Hinn

I enjoy reading a book in transit. I picked up this book from my personal library the other day and didn't return it for two days.

While reading, I felt a need to review the book, albeit, share insight from the book.

Kissing The Face Of God By Sam Hinn

Kissing The Face Of God is not one of these popular motivational and self help books you see around. It is a spiritual book. Just reading this book brings me to tears and makes me long for more of God in my life.

We shouldn't be a generation that seeks His hand, we are to be a generation that seeks His face . . . Longing to kiss Him!

Kissing The Face Of God was written way back in 2002 yet the message it carries is evergreen.

"God doesn't just want to touch you with his presence, He wants you to stay with Him. There are so many people going from one service to another, one conference to another. However, the primary purpose of our desire must always be about knowing Him."

My heart is so stirred because I randomly picked this book to read again since I bought it. My life seems to be going just great, and my desperation seems to wane. I am so grateful that God is deepening my longing for Him. Recently, the cry of my heart has been, "God, there must be more! There must be more to the You in me."

Day 2, going to work

When you read Kissing The Face Of God, it is will touch your heart and create a deep hunger for Him than you have ever had. No matter how busy or comfortable your life has become, your greatest desire should be to possess a heart that longs after God's heart. What are you longing?

His Presence Is Our Greatest Possession.

"Don't go anywhere without the presence of God for the journey. The presence of the Lord is so important that as Moses faced his journey, he said to God, "If you don't go with me, I'm not going." If you have His presence, you will have everything you need, but without it, you have nothing."

Kissing The Face Of God is a 200-page book which comprises of 10 chapters. Each page is a stretch on having intimate moments with God - a true heart worship.

Worship is our highest calling.

"Worship is not church service or the singing of hymns. Worship is not led by the choir or with instrument. Worship is an all-consuming never-ending focus of your life. Worship is a life that is constantly seeking the face of God."

Pastor Sam Hinn talked so much about worship and the concept of "kissing God", that it makes me want to leave the hustle and bustle of Lagos immediately. Can I take a break to heaven for a day or two? Oh my!

"God is ready for increasing glory, God loves us so much that each time we step into a new level of glory, He says, "Don't get too comfortable. There is a higher level of Glory. Don't get used to your surroundings, we are leaving this place soon."

Day 1, going home

Sweeties, I can't say this enough, God is PREPARING OUR HEART for what is coming. I don't know what it is. However, I believe if it's God, then it is sure going to be good!

"Don't be afraid of change. The course of change in your life will bring brokenness and a dependence on God. All of a sudden, things you trusted will be stripped from you. The breaking is for the making. So relax, because it is all part of the process."

One of the most resonating message in this book is for us to draw apart from the noises and distractions around us and learn to listen for God's gentle whisper.

I hope you find a copy of this book and read. It is good for the heart and spirit. Yummy!

P.S. The words in italics are excepts from the book.

Enjoy your weekend!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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