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7 Reasons To Love Maxi Skirts

My wardrobe is stuffed with maxi dresses and skirts and I’m always on the hunt for new styles of maxis and different ways to wear them.

Right now I think I have nearly every pattern and colour in the rainbow!

Maxi Skirts Are Bae

Maxis are so absolutely captivating, you just can't stop staring! I am already overly obsessed with this maxi skirt, and these colours, this softness and this print make that obsession even stronger!

I feel it’s feminine and deliciously bohemian chic.

These are top 7 reasons why I love maxi skirts:

1. Maximum Comfort
They are so very comfortable!

2. Maximum Fit
They are flattering to all body types, they are perfect on slim ladies and they are also a great choice for plus-size women since it puts emphasis on the waist and hides the hips. Cool!

3. Maximum Versatility
Throw on a maxi and an adorable scarf, and slip into your favourite shoes or sandals and you’ve got yourself an effortless, cute outfit!

There is so much you can do with a maxi. Check out this post for ideas. 

4. Maxis Are Feminine
I am such a girly-girl, and I love anything feminine. Nothing says “ladylike” the way a maxi dress or skirt does! Except high heels of course. 

But there’s no denying that maxis are classy, trendy and feminine. They are perfect for those of us who feel like adding some girly-girl flair to our style.

5. Maxis Are Modesty
I believe that modesty is the best policy. Showing too much skin isn’t something I’m always very comfortable doing, so maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for me.

6. Easy To Style
A maxi skirt goes with absolutely anything, hence the fact that you can take it to a dinner, a date, a cocktail party or even to the beach is such a breath of fresh air. 

All it takes is a tiny bit of creativity to stand out among the rest. You really need no extra frills to spice up the look: a basic top and a few accessories will have you looking like a super model.

I have rocked maxi skirts on multiple occasions - here, here and there.

Now featuring latest pictures of me in a maxi skirt . . . 

 And when the skirt blows a bit with the breeze, oh my, it seems musically magical!

Midnight creativity

Yeah, it used to be a maxi dress. Want to turn your maxi dress to a maxi skirt too? See HOW TO.

Say hello to maxi skirts! Make them your besties, they are totally worth it.

Happy Sunday. Never dim your light for no one. Keep shinning. Hugs.

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