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5 Things I Miss About Being Unemployed

Lol. Wait. Read with caution. I don't want you to leave here thinking "wow, I want to be unemployed now!!!" You don’t have to.

However, I was unemployed for a decent amount of time, and I can tell you, being employed with a job you actually enjoy is much better than having no job at all.

5 Things I Miss About Having No Job

Having had a nearly two-year experience of being unemployed, I can say being unemployed is better than being employed with a job you hate (that gives you no room to learn and grow). If the only good thing there is the money, please, what you are doing in such a place? Leave, be unemployed and LIVE.

I basked in the blessings that come with unemployment, and I miss it. Oh, I miss those days.

I feel like I got married now that I have a job. Lol. Being unemployed is like being single because of the freedom, the opportunities to explore, the gift of deeper perspectives.

Here's what I miss:

I Miss Just Being

I am still praying, still walking towards perfection with God—my sense of who I am in Christ has not changed. But out of the challenges of this season, I have not been having the depth of intimate moment I had been accustomed to— "just being with Jesus” and feeling the nearness of His presence.

When I was unemployed, I could lock up myself in my room for days and just love up on Jesus. I miss that.

I Miss Spending More Time With Friends

When I was unemployed, every day was basically a holiday. I could hang out with friends without thinking too long about it. I choose to go out when I want and how I want. I could sleep out in a friend's house a day or two days before her wedding, just because I love her. It was a total life of freedom. Can I have it back? 😷

I Miss Having The Ability To Travel

It wasn't like I really travelled, because obviously being unemployed means you probably are not making money after all, so, you have to cut down on your spending. However, my ability to travel wasn't restricted.

Being unemployed means you’re not limited to a certain amount of days off each year. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, without having to ask. It’s an awesome feeling, except for the whole spending money part. 😢 But there are ways around it! Visit friends. Go for reunions. Go to the beach. I honestly think it’s worth it. You don’t know when you’ll have this much free time again, if ever!

I miss getting sleep – and staying healthy

My sleeping pattern is so messed up. It’s midnight and I am writing this article because midnight is apparently the only time I have to myself now that I’m working again.

When I was unemployed, I explored my most creative time (between 12AM and 9AM). I wrote my best articles at midnight, and when I did that, I could sleep the next morning. I also had the chance to write in the morning, the afternoon, and after dinner – literally I could write and voice whenever I was feeling inspired – and it was great. Now that I’m working, I have to sacrifice sleep for my side hustle – which is not too good for my health. Le sigh.

Are you unemployed?

You Need To Maximize The Moment. Use Every Opportunity

Ah, unemployment is good, the time where you get to relax and chill all you want, the time where you don’t have to worry about waking up to the sound of your alarm, the time where you rewind the time to find a career that will really bring you the happiness you’ve been dreaming for a long time.

Most of all, unemployment is the time to discover more about yourself, and what you really want out of life; what’s your purpose for living and why you are in this world.

Don't mind me. I am grateful that I have a job. I actually really like my job right now, and that’s mostly because it’s not just a ‘job’ to me. What I do now is an adventure, and it’s hard for me to consider doing what I enjoy ‘work.’

It's just that sometimes I long for the days when I, erm, didn’t have anything to do and when I had no "boss" to report to.

Lol. Did I just say I didn't have anything to do? Sounds weird to say I had nothing to do when I was unemployed, because looking back, I was always busy. Somehow I was completely booked literally the whole time without making money. Thank God oh. 

Sweeties, once you have an opportunity, grab it. Explore the full extent of it. Don’t let it go without squeezing all the fun and lessons out of it . . .

See you next Wednesday for another gist related to career/employment/business.
Stay inspired.

So, let's talk, which do you think brings out the best version of you - being unemployed or being employed? 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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