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STYLE: A Little Ankara Skirt Won't Hurt Anyone

Making an Ankara look corporate might be a little tricky stunt to pull, but that's why I'm here. Happy Sunday! Get ready to see more features of Ankara corporate styles from now on. Today's style is a little casual sha.

A little Ankara Skirt

I wore this skirt to work on a Friday, and it felt good. Really good. Most of my clothes, at some point, have made me feel good in one way or another. As for this little Ankara skirt, it served the purpose.

Wearing a little skirt is not about showing off good legs (do I even have?), it's about self-expression and freedom.

Another thing is I felt colourful. I love to wear all sorts of colours, the more colourful and brighter, the better for me. This skirt is just it.

Just the same way I have a favourite spot at church, I have found one at my workplace. Isn't that cool? The balcony is my new photo buddy. You shall see more of "him" in many style posts to come. Say hi. Lol.

I am a sucker for African Ankara fabric. I experiment with the varieties of colours and patterns it offers. You can dress a bit on the casual but still look smart for work with a little Ankara skirt. It all depends on how you choose to style it. I've got some tips;

Tip #1: 
You can wear a similar little Ankara skirt to go with a white buttoned up shirt and pumps or a black hugging top with an equally nice pumps.

Tip #2: 
You can go basic with an all black ensemble; black pencil skirt, black top and a nicely touch of Ankara accessories, to give you all the fashion edge you need.

Always remember that your clothes are talking even when you are not.

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Are you into colour? Do you go all out for colour, or do you like to add just a pop of colour here and there to shine in your outfit?

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