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This Is Worse Than Being Unemployed

I have become so keen on issues relating to career, employment, entrepreneurship, dream, goals etc. It is probably where the Spirit is leading. :)

When It Is Better To Be Unemployed

There is a general concept that being unemployed is a bad thing. It certainly is bad, as we know, for salary purpose. But, revolving your life around this belief is foolish unhealthy unproductive.

I agree being unemployed can affect our self-esteem, confidence, social inclusion, and relationships, because when others are talking about how their day went, what their bosses did or where they work etc, you have little or nothing to say.

However, I do not agree that one's self-esteem and dignity should be tied to whether they have a job or not.

I never for once thought I'd be proud to say "I am unemployed" until I discovered something better than having a job.

Unemployment can be rocked.
You can have the best time of your life being unemployed.

Don't get it twisted. I'm not writing this article to tell you that it is not a bad thing to be unemployed. No. I am writing to tell you that even as an unemployed, you can be better than the person who claims "I have a job".

During a period of high unemployment like this, the general concept tells us that any job is a good job.

They lie.

Any job is NOT a good job.
  1. Being in poor-quality job which, perhaps, is boring, and gives you no room to explore and improve on your skills or personality is worse than being unemployed.
  2. Being in a job that is a poor match for your skills (strengths and weaknesses) will do you more harm than good. It is worse than being unemployed.
  3. Being in a job that makes you feel less than WHO you are - demeaning your value, killing your vibes, drifting you away from your passion is worse than being unemployed.

All the above represent underemployment. And underemployment is worse than being unemployed.

Even in a recession, the painful truth may be that "any job" is not a good job. You can't afford to lose your mind, your vision, your purpose just because you want to make ends meet.

Some people lose their minds and dim the light in their hearts all because they have a "job". Don't be one of them.

So now we have a slightly answer to the question about the unemployed being better off than those who are employed.

As long as you are in a good-heart-exciting job, you are better than those who are unemployed. But if you are in a bad-heart-darkening job, there is a perversely strong chance that you will be worse off — especially in terms of your mental health and taking a successful path to your dream career.

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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