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Get Your Food Ready For The Journey

The RCCG 40-Day Fast ended yesterday. It's time to get back to having a great breakfast, an interesting lunch and a light dinner everyday. Yay!

In The PYH Series - We are still studying Joshua 1. It's just amazing what powerful insight we can get from one chapter of the Bible.

Prepare Your Food

Last week, we mentioned that Joshua called the leaders and gave them an order straight up. Yeah?

Today, let's look at the command he gave;

"Then Joshua commanded the officers of the people, saying, pass through the host, and command the people, saying, Prepare you victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land, which the Lord your God giveth you to possess it."

- Joshua 1:10-11, KJV

I like to study the King James Version of the Bible and use other versions as reference to gain more understanding. So, I first read Joshua 1:11 in KJV, and wasn't sure bout the "Prepare your victuals" part. I checked the dictionary for the meaning of the word 'victuals' and was shocked to find out it means 'food'. 


Of all the things to prepare, food is what was more important at that time. 

"Ah, Joshua, you too like food!"

That was how God started taking me through a study on the blessing of food. "I will bless you with food" (Exodus 23:25)

Joshua understood the importance of food. He knew food is important for the journey to the promised land.

When he told them to prepare the "victuals", he was speaking of meat from hunting. They were to prepare themselves food for their battle, and for the time it would take to enter the land. They really would need to prepare all types of food for the trip.

We know the fact that when we go on a trip, we need to prepare things to eat. The things that can keep us going. Things like roasted corn. Lol. Just kidding.

The point is food is a good thing.

Food is a gift.

Food is a blessing.

Food is a promise.

You don't have to feel guilty when you eat. In fact, you are blessed to have food to eat!

We need GOOD FOOD to fulfill our dreams. We need food to carry out our responsibilities. We need food to survive.

To be honest, I'm still not a food fan. You'll find me snacking a lot. But I'm getting better, one meal at a time. I am learning to appreciate food. I'm learning to intentionally choose food that makes me more aware of, and thankful for, the grace of God, and to eat that food with an abiding awareness of God's presence and His strength being infused into my body. I'm learning to eat food to keep my body, the temple of God healthy and fit.

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That's the primary reason why we need food. We get energy from the food we eat and it also provides us with nutrients that make us healthy. Food can even change your mood. (Shout to the foodies who read my blog, they know what I'm talking about.)

You know that feeling you get when you eat good food! You feel you can take over the world! Youknowhamsayin'

Joshua told the leaders to tell the people to prepare provisions. Some versions actually say “Prepare provision for yourselves.” It is very interesting to note that this is really the only thing they had to do to cross over Jordan and go to possess the land while God did the rest!

Prepare the food.
Go to work.
And let God be God.

What's that food that make you feel you can take over the world after having it? What have you eaten today? Share in the comment box below. 

P. S For the first time I'm taking home-made food to the office. :D

P. S S The PYH Series ~ In all the things we study, let us remember to do our best to identify what the Lord really has for our lives and how we can like Joshua be a generation that stands out by accomplishing His good and perfect will. God bless y

Have a great week.
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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