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Dear Diary, God Has Done It!!!

Testimony time!!! Where do I start this gist from???? Should I start from the time I conceived it (here) or when it manifested in the physical??? It's been a looooong ride!!!

A Dream Job

When I blogged about 'waiting for "what's next"', I had no idea what it was. I just felt something was cooking. 3 days after the post, I received an invitation for a job interview.

5 days before Christmas Day, today, I got a job!!!

I've been talking about getting a job since January. See me now. :)

You know how much I cry about being jobless even when I wasn't idle. You know how much I cry about making no money even when I was working. You know my struggles.

Now, you understand my joy.

My joy is full.

My joy is complete.

I dream of a job that allows me be me.
I dream of a job where I can put my passion and skills to use.
I dream of a job where I can be free to wear sneakers to the office.
I dream of a job related to the media industry.
I dream of a job that can help AMAKAMEDIA grow.
I dream of a job that makes me happy.
I dream of a job that I can also call a hobby.

I got one.

I even dream that it be in a beautiful location so I can take beautiful pictures. Lol.

I got a job rocking my African natural comb-breaking hair. Aha! I never saw that coming.

There is so much I want to tell you. But I am so full of joy that I can't find the right words to express myself. I will probably tell you tomorrow or the day after.

God is faithful. Too faithful.

Wait, did I mention I'm free to wear Ankara (or any traditional outfit) on Fridays?

What-I-Wore designs can only get better. Hehehehe . . .

Something Media

I promise to reveal the name of this place after my first salary. Lol.

No! I am not even particular about the salary because I am going there to learn, to explore, to grow. Trust me to share every bit of what I Iearn with you. (That tells you I'm not going to stop blogging. OK?)

This is our job! We got it!

I am beyond excited. Can 2017 come already?!

My mum said "God has given you a Christmas gift." He sure did!!!

Thank Jesus for me.

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