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DIARY: God Whispers When I Get On My Sewing Machine

Inspiration is everywhere, at any time, when we find God in everything.

My Sewing Moment

The rhythm of my sewing machine leads me to a place of peace; a sense of awareness fitted to an atmosphere I’ve chosen to call the “Heaven's Whispers” As the needle goes into the fabric and joins the pieces, I lapse into a state of peace and deep meditation.

I wish I could write an amazing article describing how precisely the craft of sewing  currently matches my walk with God:

- every time I sew, I think of worshipping God with songs.
- the Ankara fabric I am working on reminds me that I am Christ’s workmanship. 
- my sewing needle looks to me like the Word of God–sharper than a double-edged sword which is able to pierce and discern my thoughts and intentions. 
- when I cut the thread off from the fabric, thoughts of those I should be praying for knit into my heart.
- when the needle thread pulls up the bobbin thread I am reminded that I'm going through a process.

I remember the day I hurriedly went to write down His words in my diary before they slipped off my mind . . .

One day I mistakenly sewed the back side of one fabric with the front side of another fabric, and so I had to loosen the sewn pieces. (I actually do hate this part of sewing - where I have to unlock what has already been sewn):

"You see how you are unlocking what you've sewn - that's the same way a carpenter unscrews, a painter erases, a sculptor breaks off - because they know what is wrong.

I know what is wrong on every path you take. I can unlock, unscrew, erase and break off anything that isn't right for you.
Will you let Me?"

God created us like Ankara fabric with too many possibilities and too many potentials. We can do anything we set our minds on, if only we can trust God to perform.

I enjoy sewing. With every sewing, in every moment, I’m inclined to say that it has become more of an opportunity for spiritual growth.

I didn’t think that way at first. Things like impatience and other negative dispositions kept me from recognizing the opportunity.

And once again, on my journey, I learned:

It takes patience to sew. 

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I have the sense that I am praying and praising while I work. I have the sense that I am connecting to God when I sew.

Sewing is an art of worship. 

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Just as I sit behind my phone (yes, I blog with my phone most of the time) to write, I get the same feeling. This phone is my sewing machine and these words are my thread and I am sewing, sewing, sewing it all together.

Here I sit, day after day, teasing out the threads of my life, holding incongruent pieces together, laying them side by side in the light of the One who sews for me.

Even if it is only amending that you do by hand, consider it an occasion, a moment, an opportunity to connect with God. You don't need to shout or pray aloud —in any ordinary sense— to connect with God because the Bible says in Luke 17:21:

“The kingdom is within you”

That’s how it feels, now, when I am on my sewing machine. :)

How can you relate sewing (or anything you love doing) to your walk with God?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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