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What To Do When You Hate Your Own Pictures

Ever looked at a picture you took and scrutinize your flaws, analyze your imperfections, criticize your faults, then sigh, and resign to thinking that you are just fat, or just tiny or just ugly?

Well, sweeties, I have a new approach to looking at pictures of yourself.

Loving Yourself In Ugly Pictures

I’m generally OK with the reflection I see in the mirror, but sometimes, the camera could cast a pall on my visage.

I was looking at some pictures and my first thoughts were about my unflattering outfit, the angle I’m standing at, my weird smile, and my frizzy hair.

I wasn't inspired to share them with anyone. I saw no need to make a style post out of them. The pictures were . . . ugly.

Is it not crazy how negative we become when looking at pictures of ourselves?

"Uh-oh, see my face like I wanted to cry."

"I didn't capture from my good side."

"My hair is looking so rough."

"I shouldn't have stood in this position."

"My hands are too big."

"My legs are looking like toothpick."

For crying out loud, it’s just a picture!

Who knew pictures could cause such a self-loathing stress.

I think we can all use a good dose of positivity on how we look at ourselves in pictures.

Next time you’re looking at a picture of you and hating on yourself. Keep this in mind:


Usually, you’re so engrossed in thinking you look too fat, too slim, wondering why you wore that unflattering outfit, or criticizing the stomach you think looks huge, or the legs you believe are awkward. (that you’re not even looking at anyone else in the picture!). The truth is no one is even noticing half of the things you notice about yourself in the picture. Get over it. It’s just a snapshot, a moment in time.


When I look at pictures, I consciously remind myself of the experience (instead of thinking about how I looked and what was wrong with how I stood/sat). I close my eyes and picture how the day went - who I met, the laughter of my friends; or the simple happiness of that moment.

Because, after all, what we should care about is the joy of that memory, that moment, that experience.

And so, today, I choose to only focus on the memory of re-rocking the Ankara shoes I revamped with my own hands.  

Happy Sunday!
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