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Gosh! I Hate Meetings

Meetings are one of the biggest time wasters ever. I've attended a couple of meetings over the past week and thought to myself "So, what did we achieve with this?"

Meetings Suck 

I was asked to design an e-flier with respect to a meeting that is scheduled for Sunday. While at it, I remembered the previous meeting I attended . . .

"We didn't have to gather here in the name of "meeting". I said within.

In the last meeting, we talked and talked. And as I am writing this article, nothing has been done about the things we talked about. They are still talking about the things we talked about.

It baffles me. 

I generally hate meetings. Long or short, large or small, food or no food, outside or inside, morning or afternoon – it doesn’t matter. Meetings drain the life out me.

"Can we get to the purpose why we are here already?" I'd scream within. 

Some executives, RCCG pastors and leaders (youth executives, especially) think calling a meeting is work. In their minds, having meeting minutes or planning programmes are achievements.

Meetings make everyone look busy, and that's a lie.

Those who love meetings are avoiding doing their job.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary:
A meeting is the gathering of people for a particular purpose (such as to talk about business or for religious worship).

However, my experience leaves me no choice than to say:
A meeting is a group of unproductive people, sitting with other unproductive people, discussing how they wish everyone else would be more productive.

Stop Meeting and Start Producing results.

Before you lock yourself and others into yet another long meeting, ask yourself what the purpose of the meeting truly is. Make sure there is a WHY (known purpose) and that it will produce tangible results.

What will be achieved?
Is it really really necessary to meet?
Can a phone call or email get it over with?

Don’t spend too much time gathering people - locking them up in a room and tying them to a table.

When we meet, let's simply clarify issues, 

what needs to be done
who is responsible to make it happen
and when it needs to be done. 

Then let everyone get to work!

Shout out to Dare and Johnero. They know! 

The best meetings are short and spontaneous. 
A gathering of like minds birthing ideas and building a project that is VERY achievable within the shortest possible time.

Please, don't waste my time . . . My life.

I hate meetings.

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Question: Do you hate meetings too? How do you survive the torture of sitting on that chair?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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