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My Temptation To React To The Trump

You may wonder what concerns me with America and her Election. Lol. What would a lady do when her brother is a political scientist and her father is a Nigerian businessman, an Igbo, for that matter?

Nigerians React

Yesterday morning after our family devotion, dad switched on the TV to CNN. He's been following the news from day 1. As usual, I wasn't interested, so I went back to my little cozy room.

Suddenly, I heard him exclaim:

Ha! See, Donald Trump is winning oh!"

If you had followed the debate, you'd understand why majority never thought that the man would win.

The result was shocking.

What is this post driving at? I honestly don't know. Lol

One thing I know is, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, a change in America's government would affect us economically and socially.

So I am tempted to react . . .

However, some Nigerians have spoken my mind (calmed my nerves) on Twitter.

While some tweets would make you think, others might make you chuckle a little bit (or angry, depending on which side you're on). And few breathe hope for a better Nigeria.

Obviously, Nigerians have received the news of President Donald Trump's win with mixed feelings. For some of us, the whole election is a joke and something that doesn't really concern us. For some of us, it's good news and we are happy about it.

It just might be God's answer to our prayers to make Nigeria great again.

I've never stopped dreaming. 

What's your reaction? Better still, what do you dream for your beloved country? 

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