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STYLE: What I Wore to Church

Who didn't go to church? Come and confess your sins right now. *rme*

What I Wore: An Ankara Skirt

OK, before I show you what I wore to church. Here is a little something for those who couldn't go to church. . .

My pastor preached on the topic; 'Keys to your greatness are already available'. Jeez! What a long topic for a short service. Anyways, I jotted two major points.

1. Bible text - Mathew 16:13-19. God has given us the keys to our greatness. We only need to ask for wisdom to use them.

2. Keys give you authority, ownership and access. God gives us keys to achieve, to master, and to understand. To achieve our dreams, to master our abilities, and to understand times and seasons. 

Went to church? Share something from the sermon you heard too. :) 

Now this is ('is' or 'was' - which is more appropriate?) what I wore to church. 

I went to the back of the church where nobody will find me taking pictures. (the background is not fine. Yeah, I figured)

I dragged Bro. Princewill and anointed him with the spirit of my photography. Hehehe . . 
he was the one behind the camera

I actually created this post so I can keep these three memories;

1. I designed the skirt myself. And it turned out lovely.
2. Today is the last Sunday of the RCCG Calendar Year 2015. And I danced so much that one of my earrings fell off.
3. This is my blog. And I can post anything I like. Lol.

Happy Sunday!

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