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DIARY: This Thing Called Family

I have written this entry five times and deleted it five times. I couldn't get myself to make a point. So I decided to scatter the points all over the place. Sorry. 

Family Like Family (CASOR) 

You know what? Blood is not always thicker than water. Don't get me wrong. I love my immediate family and I'm extremely close to them, but my close friends are more like my blood than my own extended family.

This weekend I spent time with CASOR Lagos Senior Friends. And it was awesome!

This is my family.

What is family? Family is all the descendants of a common ancestor.
But the real question is: Are the people always related by blood?
My answer: No. Family is not just about blood. It is about the love that binds people together. 

Come to think of it, I have a common ancestor with this people o. Oh yeah! I am excited as I come to this realization. The founder, Pastor Cyril Favour Iroezindu is our great ancestor. Then we have great great great great great great great . . . great grand fathers . . . mothers . . . big uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters.

We love to love, to laugh, to fellowship  and have good times together.

Now, what makes it bond like family?

Family is someone who loves you, unconditionally, through the good and bad times. Our hearts are the most powerful things we have and to love is the most important thing we can do. That’s what a family is, no matter how it came to be.

Family is the friendships you make. Family is lifelong friends. Family may be blood, but to me, family is also those lifelong relationships you never forget and fight to never lose. Family is about wanting to be around one another, not being "forced" to be around one another.

Family ensures you are on the right path in life. They guide you in your walk with faith just as much as your walk with success. Your family moulds you into the person you should be. Your family just wants to see you become the person you are proud to be. They are dream pushers and supporters. 

With me in the picture, I know I have so many fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters. Our family tree is LARGE and still expanding. 

I am so rich. 

Family is not just a blood connection, but it is also a love connection. Family is being in someone’s life, being their friend, and never walking out. Family is family; blood or not! I have been blessed with the biggest and best family possible!

yummy! Cakes have never been sweeter. 
Pastor Cyril Favour Iroezindu, our great ancestor. My "daddy".
Sisters - Ella (left), me and Chioma (right) 
my face radiates with joy and gratitude

I love love this family. CASOR runs in our veins. Our blood type is CASOR. Lol. 

I wanted to mention everybody's name but I changed my mind. You might see some familiar faces if you've been following my blog closely. E.g Ella, Pst. Simcard, Chidinma, Chris.

In these people, I find a family.  

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Sweeties, regardless of biological relationship, you may be a part of several “families." Your school classmates may be a family to you. Your soccer team may be a family. Your colleagues in the office may a family. Your church members may be a family. Your blog visitors may be a family, too.

What is your definition of family? How many families are you a part of? What makes those families special?

P. S. Counting down to June 26 . . . there are butterflies in my stomach.

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