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My Birthday Wishlist

Hey sweets! June 26 is almost here. Lemme quickly tell you what I want so that you can plan ahead. :D

My Birthday Wishlist

I have nothing planned for my birthday just yet. I decided to create a wishlist, even tho my greatest wish is for God to grant me the wisdom and the grace to achieve and fulfil my purpose here in earth before I die

With regards to the gifts and birthday packages you will like to get for me, here are 5 of the things I wish for.

Digital Camera

You've noticed I post a lot of pictures on my blog yet I have no digital camera. I've been using my mobile phone for close to two years now and I think it's about time to upgrade. Getting a camera would help my ministry and go a long way! Aside that, a digital camera creates a better sense of professionalism, and it's just super cool. I want one.


My Android phone has seen better days. I really do need a new phone. I have been phoneless (for lack of a better word), for the past three months plus. Its been so miserable having to deal with a phone that's got major trust issues - one that selects the times to respond and the people to respond to, one with a 100% charged battery that dies 20mins after unplugging. Having a new one will be the perfect birthday gift for me. For real. 


*waves at Glowyshoes. Hi!*
Colours - red, yellow or mixed prints.
Size - 40
I'm not a shoe freak but I just realized I don't have fine shoes any more. If I was invited to host a red carpet now, I've got nothing nice to wear. So yeah, shoes would make beautiful birthday gifts.


I would really love to have one or two birthday giveaways on my blog. I need sponsors. My sweethearts deserve every "good and perfect" gifts. I keep telling them I love them. It's high time I proved it. My blog will be two years old on my birthday!


I want to go somewhere beautiful.

OK. That's it. I'm not so expensive. Am I? Any of these 5 will do amongst other things.

I love to write wishlists. I look back and tick out the things I eventually got. Carry over the rest to the next wishlist or strick out the ones that are no longer needed.

P.S Erm . . . I wrote this two months ago. Too lazy to edit. (swap the phone with books, perfumes or a free shopping spree. I've got a better phone now).

It is not a joking sturvs mehn.

Thank you in advance. Lol.

What's the best way to throw a party on a low budget?

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