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You Are Still Here

Hi sweets! Thank you for those birthday wishes and packages. I wish my birthday can be everyday so you can keep showing me the same amount of love you showered on me yesterday. Mehn, you all are amazing!!! THANK YOU!!! May you always have reasons to celebrate. Amen.

I feel someone out there needs to be encouraged. (me too, yeah)

Still Here

There is never a time I am called to speak without finding myself making reference to Joseph. I love that guy. He is my inspiration.

Each time I feel like this faith journey is getting too long, too hard or too "uncomfortable", I grab my Bible to read about Joseph again. And before I know it, I am up and about again.

Joseph was on his way to becoming a prime minister and yet he was locked up in a prison. He was in transition.

Do you feel like you are locked up somewhere?

You are gifted and the people around you don't know it yet.
You are gifted and still in the background.
You are gifted and still take a back seat.
You are gifted and still a nobody.
You are gifted and still rejected.
You are gifted and still in the shadows.
You are gifted and still broke.
You are gifted and still single.

It can be frustrating to know that it's in you but you don't know how to get out. Transition is a very difficult place and time to handle in your life. It means you are locked out of your past, but you are not in your future yet. It is a very vulnerable position.

When you are in transition, you feel uncomfortable.

You are not going through it for nothing.

But the God of all grace, who has called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish you, strengthen you, settle you. 
~ 1 Peter 5:10

When I read that verse, my heart rejoiced. Isn't it amazing? God says:
He will make me PERFECT
He will ESTABLISH me
And, He will SETTLE me.

All these after the pain, struggles, disappointments and rejections. Hehehe . . .

After we have gone through it, we can confidently walk up tall and say:

"I am glad I was in that situation. I was there but now I'm here."

Joseph, when he become prime minister must have been glad about all he went through. You know why? If he had not gone through the pit and prison, he would never have gone to the palace. He passed through hell and high water, yet he made it into the palace.

Do you feel like Joseph? Then you are a conqueror because you've been through hell and water, and you're still here.

Some people went through what you went through and gave up, but you are still here.

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They said you'll never make it, but you are still here.
They forsook and forgot you, but you are still here.
You could have lost your mind, but you're still here.
You've been through hell and high water, but you're still here.
You've had to "manage" the little you've got to do big things, but you're still here.
You've been underpaid and unappreciated for a world-class job you did, but you're still here.

See, that's why there is nothing "the enemy" can do that will outlive or outlast you. There is NOTHING to put you out or kill your dream. For the Bible says the light of the righteous shines brighter and brighter unto the dawning of a perfect day.

You are approaching the birth of a new dawn.

What am I even saying? The dawn is already born. Get yourself ready! Pull out your tent pegs! Enlarge your borders! Brace yourself!

You are still here. But trust God, you are getting there . . .

Happy New Week!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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