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STYLE: So I Went "Nude"

Happy Sunday sweethearts! How was (or should I say 'has been' because it's just 4:59PM and the day is not over yet?) your weekend? Hope you had a blast! I sure did too. :)

Alrightie, you know how Sunday goes around here. Glorifying God with the clothes that we wear and the styles that we rock. *winks*


I went nude. Oh yeah, you read that right! I went "nude." D-u-h! I actually heard that's what this colour is called in the fashion industry - nude. And I'm like "Huh? Oh? Okay!" 

It is not an okay-thing for me anymore. This will probably be the last time I'd ever refer to this colour as "nude". Yes, I said so.

According to the Merriam Webster's Dictionary, nude is defined as "having no clothes on," or "the colour of a white person's skin." Hold up. What? White person's skin? How has that got anything to do with me? Excuse me, I am not white.

So I think it's time to change my defintion of what nude is (after today).

Nude has never been my favourite fashion piece but I have managed to acquire them in shoes, skirts and dresses. While going through my wardrobe, I found this dress and striped shirt that make for a perfect match. Then I said "Oh, great!"

Here is the thing . . . I have come close to a definition:

When a lady is said to wear nude, it means what she is wearing blends with her skin colour.

With all the melanin I've got in me, this one isn't my nude. Lol. Don't I just love my shade of brown skin. :)

You are probably right if you agree I went "nude". You are also not wrong if you do not agree I went "nude". It's all a matter of perspectives.

Nude ko, nude ni. 

What do you think?

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